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  1. aibrubusfosusej

    It`s 2007.

    on the main page, the subtitle of this thread is "for 1964 only, even though it`s 2006." I don`t know who gets to mess with that, but maybe whoever can could fix that lol. It makes the website look outdated. just saying. :happy:
  2. aibrubusfosusej

    Please if you are EXTREMELY bored...

    :angry:I know nobody cares about my problems, and this isn't the perfect place to discuss this, but I'm a little pissed of so I don't care. I used to have a pretty fast computer, well, at least compared to now. Then one night, all hell broke loose. My computer locked up so bad I had to RESTORE...
  3. aibrubusfosusej

    Creepy iTunes Search

    Guys, if you have iTunes, do a video search for 'red hot'. If you did it right, you should see higher ground by red hot chili peppers and red hot moon by rancid. look at the pictures! Coincidence, or evil conspiracy?:getlost: :crazy:
  4. aibrubusfosusej

    Pokémon theme song

    Does anyone have any information as to who does that damn original theme song to the pokemon series? that's been bugging me since 7th grade! Even if somebody knows who wrote the lyrics that'd be cool.
  5. aibrubusfosusej

    Emulators for iPod

    Is there such a thing as an emulator to put on the newest iPod? Like a GBA Emulator or a NES emulator?
  6. aibrubusfosusej

    Audio dump plugin?

    Um I know this question has been asked plenty of times before, but is there a possibilty of an audio plugin coming out that can dump audio and recreate it in a higher bitrate like rices plugin, which does that but for textures? I'd love to take THPS for instance and redo the same songs in higher...
  7. aibrubusfosusej

    Fixing Scratched CD's

    Hey guys, how do you fix your scratched cd's?:bouncy: i try everything and sometimes get lucky, but in the long run nothing has worked for me so far... And DON'T SAY "Buy a new one". Get real:plain:
  8. aibrubusfosusej

    THPS retexture

    Is anybody retexturing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater? 'cause otherwise you'll be seeing screens from me pretty soon.
  9. aibrubusfosusej

    Settings for Oot W/Rice

    Hey, what settings should i use for the best experience with ocarina of time zelda on pj64 with rices newest plugin?
  10. aibrubusfosusej

    Missing Logo in OoT

    in Zelda Oot,Using rices plugin, at the start, the logo is screwed up. It works just fine on Jabo's plugin. Help?
  11. aibrubusfosusej

    How are n64 roms made?

    This is kind of a dumb question, but i didn't know where to put it. How are n64 roms made? is their some kind of hardware you need to do it or is it more of a programming thing? just curious
  12. aibrubusfosusej

    N64 roms

    This is kind of a dumb question, but i didn't know where to put it. How are n64 roms made? is their some kind of hardware you need to do it or is it more of a programming thing? just curious
  13. aibrubusfosusej

    Chillin' With The Guards

    Check this out, I got inside the throne room! I thought I'd Peek in at Zelda while i was there. (moon Jump)
  14. aibrubusfosusej

    [email protected]$$ Zelda MM Problem

    Okay, i've had Zelda Majoras Mask for a while, played it alot, but for some unholy reason, when i start a new game, I start in the mayors residence next to the front door, It shows the z-target thing, the camera turns up (Pic 1), and then when i push z, the camera slumps down to the floor (Pic...
  15. aibrubusfosusej

    Glide64 issue

    I Downloaded the glide64 plugin, but when i put it in my plugins folder, when i open the settings in project64 1.6 it gives me this error "This application has failed to start because glide3x.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." and then this message pops up...
  16. aibrubusfosusej

    Hey You pikachu

    Is there some kind of code that'll just let you into hey you pikachu without voice support? Because that would be a nice workaround thing
  17. aibrubusfosusej

    THPS3 Tokyo Question

    On the tokyo comp. on THPS3 Is The hammock thing in the middle supposed to look Silverish? Sorry I could not get a screenShot, but on other platforms it was red so i was wondering.
  18. aibrubusfosusej

    THPS3 Cheat codes

    Are There any THPS3 codes other than All scores complete and all valves opened? I can't find any help me out here! :ranting:
  19. aibrubusfosusej

    Colorless Hearts in OoT

    I Have No Clue What's Wrong with the Heartsin OoT V1.2, I've tried all of the options on the graphics menu, And I don't know about my graphics card I think the ice being invisible in MM is Related, But I Dunno. I'm Using PJ64 1.6 and windows xp with jabo's plugin I Have A picture attached.