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  1. loepie92

    Whats your favorite Snes emulator?

    So as the title says, what's your favorite snes emulator at the moment, please also say on what system you run it :king: . Actually I dont really have a favorite so I hope you guys can help me :bouncy: .
  2. loepie92

    AGP 8x video cards work on AGP 4X Motherboard

    Hi, I was thinking about upgrading my system, with a new video card. But all new video cards have either a PCIexpress, or an AGP 8x interface. But my motherboard only supports PCI and AGP 4x. Do you know if an AGP 8x videocard will work for my motherboard? Already thanks for your help ;)
  3. loepie92

    Multiplayer support in VBA?

    Hi, Maybe I look inpatient, but i was wondering if anyone of you thinks that there will be multiplayer support in VBA. Because now it is only in NO$GBA, and I really appreciate that:bouncy: . But the NO$GBA will not work fully for the pokemon roms...:unsure: So what do you guys think?
  4. loepie92

    What would be the best configuration for a PS2 like controller?

    Hi everyone, I have the Thrustmaster 2 in 1 DT gamepad. It is almost similar like the one you can see beneath. But now I was wondering what do you think would be the best button configuration, for PJ64. Because my controller has more buttons then the original N64 gamepad. My button...
  5. loepie92

    What features have yet to come in Jnes?

    I asked myself this question because I think there's nothing missing in Jnes. And this is only release 0.6, so what new features will be added in feature releases? PS: Jnes is the best Nes emulator i have tried :) !