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  1. Turbo Techie

    Time to expand my knowledge. Expert advice welcome.

    Ok now I want to take up an emulation project. But I know absolutely nothing about coding. HOWEVER I do want to learn. Now not only do I want to take up a project but I want to take up a project and basically pick up where it was left off kind of like what DominaTor did with SupraHLE. So where...
  2. Turbo Techie

    How do I?

    Turn of the Debug options at the bottom (CYCLE CPU GFX etc etc.). See because of my crappy video card I'm forced to use a Wrapper that shows activity going on in the background such as the debug menus and all.
  3. Turbo Techie

    Help please

    I had UltraHLE a very long time ago. But one day it just stopped running. Whenever I tried turning it on it just wouldn't do anything. Since SupraHLE is a modified and better UltraHLE I was wondering how I might fix this problem.
  4. Turbo Techie

    *Sniff* All I wanted to do was play Zelda MM *sniff*

    IS THAT SO WRONG???? :( But look at my shitty specs!!! Look at em!!!!!! (*points to sig*) Is there any hope for a guy like me finding a decent emulator for this game? I've already tried 1964 unfortunately the important text of the game just won't show. Now I have no where else to turn... Where...
  5. Turbo Techie

    Minor Zelda MM problem

    Not a big problem or anything very small. For the most part the game runs rather decently. With the exception of some of the text looking messed up. So messed up that it looks like blocks instead of text. Now some text shows up fine at certain parts and then looks blocky on other parts. Here's...
  6. Turbo Techie

    Need some expert advice.

    I have a pretty obsolete computer. But I think I could run this emu with a few tweaks. I was wondering if anyone could help me. My specs are: 450mhz Celeron Processor Ati Rage 128 Pro Video Card 192MB Ram Nothing special by far but gets the job done. Im shooting for running Zelda MM atleast...