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  1. mdtauk

    Advice on new PC Build Spec

    Ok, I will start off with listing my current spec... I am currently contemplating this spec... Firstly I want to know if its worth the price, I really can't afford to spend more than £700 on the components, and will be using my existing Optical Drives, Monitors, Keyboard, Mouse etc I also...
  2. mdtauk

    mdta & Community OoT Re-texturing in Twilight Princess Style

    Now after working on 4 of these Zelda Projects so far, I know my limits and I know my strengths. The Cel-Majora's Mask project has shown me that if a project is to ever be finished, without requiring me or the texture artists a LONG break to recover from the hard work, then the burden needs to...
  3. mdtauk

    mdta & djipi's Super Awsome Majora's Mask Project

    mdta & djipi's Super Awesome Majora's Mask Project mdta & djipi's Super Awesome Majora's Mask Project PROJECT UPDATE - 20th May 2006 Djipi is almost done with the whole of Clock Town, including the interiors of the various buildings. I have pretty much finished the HUD, the subscreen items...
  4. mdtauk

    mdta - High Res - Majora's Mask

    mdta & Djipi's - High Res - Cel Majora's Mask This is just a little work in progress, not even sure if it will become a full pack. I am trying to go for a style which is not entirly true to the original, differs itself from a High Res OoT (I always thought they were too similar, same fonts...
  5. mdtauk

    My New graphics Card - on the way - opinions?

    I just brought this... Sapphire Radeon X700 128MB DDR AGP VGA / TVO / DVI-I - Lite Its to replace my... NVIDIA TNT2 RIVA 64 Any opinions, comments, or suggestions...
  6. mdtauk

    Zelda OoT Misc Tiles

    This is a thread for people to post there own made tiles and textures for Ocarina of Time. They can be in WW Style, TP Style or any style. Just a couple of rules, if you post a tile, post the original along side for comparison. If you can post a screenshot of it in use. I started this thread...
  7. mdtauk

    mdta - 3 OoT High Res Text and Menu Project

    mdta - TWW and TP Style Text Re-Texture I will post updates on the 3 OoT Text and Menu packs I am working on. These are: Ocarina of Time Style - Text and Menus This pack is finished and is being used in Federelli's Pack The Wind Waker Style - Text and Menus This pack is to be used by...
  8. mdtauk

    A System Critique if you please

    Could you hardware geeks (no offence) give me a critique of my system. I hope to have a job soon (on gap year from uni) and I am planning some upgrades when I have the money.