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  1. Harlay

    I can not attach any files to the post

    when I click the upload button, it says "Unable to move/copy file".
  2. Harlay

    [Suggestion]About the mouse pointer

    Hi Rice. When I running the game in fullscreen, the mouse pointer is not disappear. The mouse pionter always on the screen. Can you fix it? I think, Set the mouse pointer invisible in fullscreen mode is so easy that you can do it.
  3. Harlay

    [REQ]Virtua Tennis 2002's 1ST_READ.BIN

    anyone have the Virtua Tennis 2002's 1ST_READ.BIN file (not Echelon Rip version) that i can run in chankast? thx.
  4. Harlay

    Looking for Jet Grand Radio's save file

    anyone have the Jet Grand Radio's ultra save file? not the Jet Set Radio (J). thx.