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    Dolphin 1.03 BETA crashes with pixel shaders enabled.

    Well, I just fired up the beta of Dolphin 1.03....and it crashes. I loaded my ISO of choice and it crashed. I fiddled around with the settings and I found that if I disable pixel shaders, it doesn't crash. It worked fine with 1.02. Maybe something got broken in development? Does anyone know how...
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    Snes controller for ZSNES

    I want to buy a SNES usb controller. Where can I get one?
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    GPU temp. monitering programs?

    Does anyone know any programs that moniter GPU temps? I would like to know what temperatures i'm getting with my new fan. Please don't say RivaTuner, i've tried that and I can't figure out how to moniter temperatures with it.
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    Help please!

    Alright, the problem is that upon bootup the computer says nvidia boot agent: media test failed. I think my graphics card is broken because I touched it when I was playing a game and it shocked me and then crashed afterwards. Also my motherboards chipset is nforce2 ultra 400, so it could be my...
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    Fan broken?

    I woke up today, turned on my computer and look, my GPU fan isn't spinning. Everything is connected correctly. I was fiddling with the fan last night to get it to come off, so I could put my new one on. Did I break the fan? Or did I break the graphics card? I assume the fan, because my GPU is...
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    My RAM exploded! (Not really)

    Well I tried downing the timings on my RAM, but on bootup I got a loud beeping and an error that said "No floppy drive found". What the heck? I've never had a floppy drive in my computer ever. So what's the problem? My RAM is actually working fine now that I upped the timings back up.
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    New GPU fan

    I got $30 for my B-day so I'm spending it on a good fan for my graphics card since i've been overclocking ALOT. It's running at 575/1100 right now. So i'm pretty sure it's hot. I found one but i'm not sure if it's good.
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    Well, I was just on the internet and I found this. If it's real...then that's just scary.
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    RAM question

    Ok basically, my question is that, if I get 1 512MB stick of RAM will it be compatible with my other 512MB stick? They're both made by different brands, so will they work correctly?
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    Good SNES RPG games

    I'm looking for some good SNES RPG games (i'm not asking for them, I just want some reccomendations on games). Does anybody reccomend any? The games i've beaten are: Chrono Trigger Super Mario RPG Secret of Mana Final Fantasy III Earthbound (favorite game) Breath of Fire 1 & 2 So don't say the...
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    Gamer Trough

    I recently found this and it has to be one of the most disgusting and dumbest things I have ever seen. Link: Anyone who uses this has to get a life.
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    Need help with a hardware decision.

    I have been looking on the internet for some new parts for my computer because recently some of my games have been slow. I have decided on either an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.1Ghz CPU or a GeForce 7800 GTX video card. Being a 12 year old with no money I asked my brother if he would get me one of...
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    Whenever I start whinecube it freezes and I have to reboot. I read the FAQ but it didnt help. My computer is stable most of the time and my drivers are updated so I think it's my hardware. I looked for the system requirements but didn't find them. My specs are in my sig.
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    please help

    I searched the forum but I didn't find a solution to my problem. Ok I followed knuckles' guide to make ssbm work but I got gekko cpu register errors. So I undid everything I did but I still got errors! Can someone please help me?
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    link to dolphin plugin doesn't work

    On the dolwin website, when I try to download the ported dolphin gfx plugin the link doesn't work. Is there any other way to get the plugin?
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    how to run?

    I downloaded ssbm to play on dolphin but there are all these files named sc-ssbm.001,sc-ssbm.002 ect. all the way up to 22. How do I run the game? do I just rename them all to .gcm or what? Thanks
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    in need of a new DS game

    ok the only game i have for my DS is super mario 64 DS and it's gotten really boring. So i really want a new DS game but i don't know what game to get. any suggestions?