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  1. Poobah

    "Jerky" animation

    I'm pretty new to Mupen64, and I was wondering how I can go about producing smooth animation in it. By default, Mupen64 produces results similar to those in other emulators when the "Counter Factor" settings are as high as possible, but I simply can't bear to play games like that. Both of the...
  2. Poobah

    Support for special framebuffer stuff in plug-ins?

    I don't really know entirely how it works, or what it is, but is there any chance that Project64 could implement the special frame-buffer stuff that Mupen64 supports? With the Glide64 plug-in, it has a "get framebuffer info" option, and this option used with Mupen64 results in great framebuffer...
  3. Poobah

    Pebble game from Tales of Phantasia

    Does anyone remember that quick mini-game that you play with an NPC on the way out of a castle early in the game? Now you can play it again! Unfortunately, it gets boring once you work out the trick to winning.
  4. Poobah

    How can I manually expand wildcards into filenames in C?

    I've realised the flaws of Windows' wildcard expansion, and am now wondering if there is an easy and convenient way of expanding wildcards into filenames in C, using a GCC-based compiler such as MinGW. Also, is there a switch or something that can be used when compiling a program that prevents...
  5. Poobah

    Changing environment variables in Windows.

    I was recently trying to make a program that appends a directory to the PATH environment variable, but I'm having trouble. I've been using the SET command, but it doesn't actually change the environment variables when it's called from within another program. So if I do something like:SET...
  6. Poobah

    A tool for users with GoodN64 collections in 7z archives (GoodMerged)

    A tool for users with GoodTools collections in 7z archives (GoodMerged) Update: A GUI front-end is now available. A common annoyance I've found with GoodTools is that the only convenient method of storing its ROMs is in solid archives, which ZIP doesn't support, which is why 7-Zip is used...
  7. Poobah

    Project64's Wikipedia article urgently needs to be restarted!

    The Wikipedia article for Project64 is a disaster at the moment. Most of the information is biased towards 1964 and is poorly written. If you (the reader) happen to be good at writing articles, then you should try working on Project64's one.
  8. Poobah

    Dolby Surround

    (No, this is not a request thread.) Today I decided to connect my computer up to my Logitech Z-5500D sound system to see if I could actually get surround sound, since Jabo and Smiff seem convinced that it works. The result: it didn't work. I've tried this same sound system with CBFD...
  9. Poobah

    1964 in high-priority mode?

    I was just thinking that if 1964 is ever updated again (although not likely in my opinion), is there any chance it could have the option of running in High-Priority mode?
  10. Poobah

    Is there any chance that 1964 could zupport 7-Zip archives?

    I recently stumbled upon a certain somewhere, where the roms are all in 7-Zip format. This format, with the right options, does a fantastic job of compressing similar roms (different versions, PAL, NTSC) all into one archive with roughly the original file's filesize. Now, since I'd like to try...
  11. Poobah

    Static Recompiler option

    I know there isn't a chance of this, but does anyone else think that 1964 should have a Static Recompiler option available in the Core drop-down box? I guess it'd take a while to implement, but it'd allow most computer users to experience N64 emulation at good performance.
  12. Poobah

    Schibo's Audio Plugin in Project64

    This is the only good plugin that produces good surround sound. For some reason, though, I only get sound in Conker's Bad Fur Day using it. I'm using Hacktarux' RSP plugin, and using Azimer's audio .40 plugin to process the Audio Lists, and Schibo's Audio Plugin to output the sound. Does...
  13. Poobah

    Sync game to audio with Zilmar's Audio Plugin?

    Zilmar's audio plugin would be really good if it had the option to sync game to audio, like most plugins. Is there a copy of Zilmar's plugin with that option? Would someone be able to quickly implement it?
  14. Poobah

    Azimer's audio plugin in Surround Sound?

    I remember that one of the older versions of Azimer's audio plugin supported surround sound, but the newer ones don't! Is there a surround sound version of .51 of the plugin? If not, would someone be able to implement it into it?
  15. Poobah

    SP DMA READ could not fit copy in memory segment

    After using Project 64 and 1964 for about half a year now, all of a sudden I've started getting this annoying error message after about 10 minutes of gameplay -- "SP DMA READ could not fit copy in memory segment". There's also one that says something or other about RDRAM. Has anyone worked out...