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  1. jessman(reborn)

    Smash Bros Melee Glitch - Koopa Troopa HAX

    Hey, guys. I'm using the 4460 64 bit version of Dolphin on Windows 7 and I get a weird glitch where invisible koopa troopas suddenly appear and "go-go gadget" their legs at me. It seems to happen in Adventure mode only with Octoroks having a similar problem. Sometimes when I win a match in VS...
  2. jessman(reborn)

    Smash Bros. Issue.

    Hey, guys. Does anyone know what to do if Smash Bros. freezes whenever you hit the start button after choosing your character? I mean, if I let it sit at the title screen the demo boots up fine, but for some reason it just won't let me play. It's a bummer, ya know?
  3. jessman(reborn)

    Kinda pointless to ask, but...

    Will future version of Dolphin ever support 32bit systems again? I just bought a new Dual-core with Vista and 4GB of ram, but it's still only 32bit. I didn't know that...Please guys. Don't forget about us. :(
  4. jessman(reborn)

    No$GBA odd thingy.

    Hey, guys. I honestly prefer No$GBA to any other emulator right now because of speed and compatability and such, but why are the colors so washed out with it? I mean, are they trying to go for that crappy original DS look or something? iDeaS LOOKS so much better in comparison. What's up with...
  5. jessman(reborn)

    Vista and Chankast...DANG!

    Hey, guys. I've had no problems with dc emulation at all up until now. I just bought a new laptop and I just can't seem to get my games to boot up. Whether it's an image or a CD-R copy of a game, things just won't work like they used to. PLEASE! Will someone tell me if I have to do...
  6. jessman(reborn)

    n00bish question (don't flame please) Trimming.

    Hey, guys. Does anyone have a link for a DS rom trimming program? I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask, but it seems commonplace to mention Gamecube trimming apps, so...Can someone PLEASE help me out? Thanks.
  7. jessman(reborn)

    BIN+CUE Issues

    Hey, guys. This new release of SSF is GREAT, and all of my actual Saturn discs work fine, but there's a few games that I keep on my hard drive that won't work boot up as anything else but an audio cd in the emulator. I'm getting really frustrated trying to get Christmas Nights to work. It's...
  8. jessman(reborn)

    Best plugin for Perfect Dark?

    Hey, guys. I have a Geforce Go 6100 and was wondering what plugin would allow me to have all of the special FXs in Perfect Dark. I was thinking Rice's, but I have no idea how to set it up. Please help me out. Thanks.
  9. jessman(reborn)

    Sonic Adventure 2 with Radeon...and stuff

    Hey, guys. Upgrading from a Geforce 2 MX, ANY kind of improvement is good enough for me. I bought a Radeon 9250 the other day and while this particular model is still kind of weak, I can now play games with enhanced features and without severe slowdown. Anyways, after seeing the mess that was...
  10. jessman(reborn)

    Mario Speaks!!!
  11. jessman(reborn)

    Black grass in OOT

    I've been using n64 emulators for a while now, and I've never had strange issues like this, but for some reason lately when I use Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6 driver the plain area in OOT is covered in blackness. The roads are visable and everything else looks normal, but the damn grass is all weird...
  12. jessman(reborn)

    Question about Skies of Arcadia echelon

    Hey. I just wanted to ask, so I don't get into trouble, if we are allowed to discuss rips here, and issues revolving around them. I don't mean like where to get them, but problems on the actual system and such. The reason I ask is because I've been trying to play Skies of Arcadia (echelon) on...
  13. jessman(reborn)

    NesterDC SE Released!

    It's here people! Scherzo has released the update to one of the most respected emulator's on everyone's favorite 'lil Dreamcast and it is amazing! This emulator fixes many speed and compatability issues and supports channel separation for simulated stereo and surround sound. The menu has also...
  14. jessman(reborn)

    Still Trying to fix Subscreen issue

    Hey guys. I know that I've asked this quite a few times, but I've never gotten a straight answer. Just how do I fix this issue in OOT? I have the newest version of the emulator...Is it because I'm using Rom Version 1.0? Please help a guy out, because I keep having issues with pj64 in full...
  15. jessman(reborn)

    1964 audio plugin issue

    Hey guys. Can someone please help me with a problem I've been having? Anyways, the default plugin for 1964 plays sounds through the wrong speakers. I just bought a new surround sound system and everything including Project 64 plays sounds as they should be, but in 1964 in games like OOT the...
  16. jessman(reborn)

    Wi-fi GBA emulation...LAN help

    Hey everyone! I know that you can use two pcs as two GBAs now and connect via Local Area Network, but my friend Mark has recently bought a new laptop with a Wifi card and I'm getting one of my own next please help me figure out how to set up wireless GBA multiplayer. I'm sorry for...
  17. jessman(reborn)

    Best emulator for Four Swords

    Yes, I already own the game, but which emulator plays it the fastest, or actually runs it? This is going to be my first time using a GC emulator and want to know which one will actually let me get in-game, thanks.
  18. jessman(reborn)

    zelda oot subscreen delay

    Hey everyone. I heard that this issue was finally fixed, but I still get the delay in pj64 1.6! Anything i can do to fix it?