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  1. Tehyoshi

    Saving Issues Please Help!

    Chankast is a VERY GOOD EMULATOR. However I'm having trouble configuring it properly. When I load Sonic Adventure 2, Even when I have the VMS In my controller it says "There is no Memory Card Found, Game will not save" Please Help
  2. Tehyoshi

    Import Saves!

    How Can Import this Save DCI File into my game? I Used the VMS Broswer But it says there not enough free blocks. PLEASE Help. :evil:
  3. Tehyoshi

    Which Video Card is better?

    Which Video Card is better? >NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 128MB:homestar: or >128MB DDR ATI's MOBILITY™ RADEON X300 PCI Express x16 Graphics (for laptop):evil: And how is the one you chose better? Please explain.:king: :borg:
  4. Tehyoshi

    Pj64k 1.3 core issues

    When I Load a ROM, the screen minimizes. then starts the ROM minized, and I can't restore the screen. I can only play in full-screen, :linux: :nemu: :mupen64: So I can't play online. Can someone help me.
  5. Tehyoshi

    YAY The classics