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    Gekko CPU Registers?

    I am having Gekko CPU Registers and According to Fool that is the solution.. But it don't work for me. Help.. Thanks in Advance BTW.. I Have Dolwin 0.10
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    Pj64 1.6 Conker's Error

    Hi.. just asking if there are any fix in Conker's Bad Fur Day Multi Player because the screen of the 3rd player keeps on moving >.< Are there any fixes? Thanks in advance
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    Hi wondering how to?

    Hello! I am new to gamecube emulation.. And wondering if you could help me >.< You see i download SSBM with 12 Parts and when i extract those rar files it contains .gcm How can i extract them into 1 .gcm or what should i do to play SSBM? ( Tell me if this is illegal ) Thanks in advance :happy:
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    Who wanna play super smash bros w/ me

    come on this is my server name Terminator pls reply as soon as posible =) tell me ur username and make a server or a game
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    Link cable in VBA?

    Just asking people plss don't get angry Hi im wondering if visual boy advance can link cable with LAN from 1 comp to another is that possible?
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    where can i download jabo's direct 3d 1.20b

    can anyone gimme a instant download of this because i can seem to find it in any sites (best for super samsh bros) LOL! :naughty: ThnX!!__In Advance
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    internet game help

    why does when the game is starting in the online game in smash bros there is some eroor zip failed something C://full programs/ or some directory help
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    smash game with me?

    any bodbyt help i wanna play smash bros on net any body play with me just email me [email protected] or just reply to this polst ok thnx
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    burn iso

    how to burn psx isos to cd using cdrwin latest version is there someway to burn iso and replace some psx games
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    glnintendo problem

    using glnintendo latest version using open gl in options why does when the game start the screen is black and in geforce mode error pj64 cause an error in unknown
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    limit the fps

    anyone know how can i use the limit fps in pj64 how can i limit the fps
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    what plugin is best for mystical ninja 2 for pj64

    i have tried that glide64 is best but it is a little bit slow (how can i spped it up like cf in 1964?) aqlso i tried jabo 1.20b plugin and it's nice but when the player attack it hangs and the emulator stop responding how can i fix it plz help me thnx:happy:
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    what is the best plugin for chameleon twist using pj64

    see title
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    rice daedalus plugin how to be best for mario kart64

    what options should i check and enable in rice daedalus latest version for mario kart to be perfect (can it make the game perfect?)
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    glnintendo problem

    why does when i try glnintendo 0.32b it says pj64 caused an error in kernel32.dll
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    which glide64 version and evoodoo version are you using in super smash bros

    what do you use in supersmash bros glide64 versionjj and evoodoo version i have found out that im stupid in asking lot of question about smash bros but i really want to play it
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    which glide64 is best for super smash bros in pj64

    which is the best glide64 version for supersmash bros as far as i think it's version 253 the black square outside the circle thing is fixed but the players look like chopped or something disconnected what is the best glide64 version plz tell me thnx in advance
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    frameskip?in pj64

    is there any frameskip in pj64 if there is what is the shortcut key im just wondering because glide64 is slow so ill just use frameskip
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    glide64 became slower

    why does my glide64 goes even slower a little bit sometime last time it's not that slow but now it gone even slower and worse than before
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    last time working but now not working plugin

    i used the nrage plugin last time same version in pj64 and it worked but now whenever i go to settings menu it says: failed to load plugin (but last time it worked) both same version(latest version)