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    Emulators on PSX

    Hi people! Sometimes ago i've heard about the possibilty to emulate old console on the psx.. Surfing the net i found an emulator for NES on psx, known as "IMBnes" (It Might Be Nes). It works great, i've tried on my own and it's wonderful to see that emulation reached the old console just like...
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    Super Mario Strikers

    Hi to all! I would like to know if Super Mario Strikers for GC is playable on Dolphin. Anyone knows it?
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    Hi people! Today i've tried the new DeSmuME 0.9.3 (available at this link and it works better than the other versions, maybe beacuse of the sse2 implemented in this version.. but i saw that it's possible to make a build of the DeSmuME source in...
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    Dolphin x64 build

    Hi to all people! I'm trying to make an x64 build with the visual studio 2008 but it doesen't work! When i click on complie/recompile solution it ignores all 28 projects! But if i select the Win32 it works great... why? Has someone ever tried to build the x64 version from the project?
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    Can't create opengl extensions. (again)

    Hi people! Yesterday i bought a new video card.. the ATi Radeon HD 2400 PRO but the dolphin now give me this panic error "Can't create opengl extensions" and something else.. i tried to update my driver cards but if i do it the drivers are not recognized by the pc and it crashes.. what should i...
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    JitIL Core problem

    Hum.. first of all: hi people! I'm trying to execute the Dolphin JitIL 32bit version, but with every game i try it crashes and fastly closes... what should i do? it's only a problem of mine?
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    Core Jit32?

    Hi to all people! When i play games on dolphin svn 2133, it appears core jit32.. maybe it means the processor of the pc but.. i have a dual core, and i have enabled the dual core option! Why it continues to show it as CORE JIT32? Or maybe is referred to the Windows? I have the XP x86... can...
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    Wii sports playable? I saw in one of these videos that wii sports is playable... but how could it be possible?? When i try to play it the Dolphin shows me a black screen.. i can only hear the sound... is there any way to play it? Let me know it...
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    The best config for PJ64?

    Hi to all people, can you tell me which is the best configuration (video and audio plugin) to play Smash Bros and Mario Tennis with no glitches? maybe not run them perfectly but with less glitches possible..
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    Pokemon Pearl codes and No$GBA

    Why does No$GBA crash when i put a code? I use an action replay code, i put it in the emu and it's ok.... but when i push the buttons to activate the cheat, appears a windows with the red X that says something about 0x000fxcf on no$gba and it closes... So the no$gba cheats utility really works?
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    No$GBA (NDS emu) 2 players

    Hi to all people, as the title of the thread, can i play the no$gba emu with 2 players? Reply me, thanks anyway.
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    Some questions on No$GBA

    Hi to all people! Sorry for the stupid question, but... can i do something to play more brain training? How can i rotate the screen of 90°? I use No$GBA... there's any kind of patch? PS: if it's possible, i want to know where to get the patch for Megaman ZX audio :P And the last thing that i...
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    Dolphin important problem.

    Hi, i'm new in this forum sorry if i don't speak about myself but.. Wazzup?? Everytime that i start a minidvd iso/rom on my dolphin 1.03 it crashes: After a while (i think the time to load the game) it exits and then appears the window that say the error and [Send] or [Don't Send].. i always do...