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    Sonic Adventure help

    Ok I am at the part after midnight highway(great level btw) and I go to the train station and see that amy was kidnapped by the sentry robot. I then go into the train to the mystic ruins. The mystic ruins pictures apears and...nothing. Chankast stops responding. I have reduced the CPU to 50 but...
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    Gundam Federation vs Zeon doesnt work

    Whenever I load up this game and choose to start emulation(I put it on a cd) Windows says that Dreamemu needs to close. Whats up??? :huh:
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    Gundam Federation vs Zeon

    Hi I have gundam federation vs ZEOn. It is in a CDI file and whenever I load it and select play it dumps me back to the date screen where I have to reenter the date. I chose select and it brings me back to the sate screen again. After that it just dumps me back to the Play, File, music, ect...