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    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Beta - Project -

    This is a new game I plan to make after I am done with the Unicorn's Lair. Anyway, Unicorn's Lair will not be fairly long at all, I have revised a lot of detail. Now to get to the point. This game will be what Nintendo originally planned with Zelda 64 before canning it into Ocarina of Time...
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    What sound support does Ocarina of Time use?

    I'm not good at programming but I am learning. What does Ocarina of Time use for its music files? .midi or something else? And how does the game use cut-scenes?
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    The Legend of Zelda: The Unicorn's Lair (Development)

    I made a new topic to use the development stages of the game I am working on. Here, you will find alpha, beta and so many pictures representing an idea. Changes may be constant and even scrapped, you never know what may or may not make it into the final game :P WARNING: If you do not want to...
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    64DD Emulation!

    I randomly found a topic for hackers dicussing Zelda64 DD and found a way to emulate the Disk Drive. However, the Disk needs to be found to play it seems. 801E4EC0 2222 - This is the code to emulate the first file into the Disk Drive in Ocarina of Time v1.0 US/NTSC I wonder if any of you...
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    Debug OoT L to fly cheat?

    Does anyone know the code to make Link fly with L in the debug rom?
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    What Link would look like in n64 higher graphics

    I ripped the model from "The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time", and I put him together :) He is now riggable and animatable, I just need to rig him. Oh, and this was a curious render lol I doubt he will look like that in the final higher resolution :P Anyways, I have a HIGH resolution...
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    Lemmy's D3D8 extractor, how to get past the dreaded error

    This took me a few hours to figure it out but, use 1964, 0.9.9 is the one I used, and use the graphics plugin Lemmy provided. Second of all, download a program called "3D Analyzer", which I used and seemed to have fixed my problems. I could be wrong, but in 3D Analyzer make sure to emulate...
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    A Sonic model I colored

    Here is a render I made of a Sonic based character which I colored in through 3DS Max 8.0 I did not model this, it was already modeled, I just downloaded it, colored and altered it a bit to show properly :P The model was originally gray entirely, but I colored it XD What do you people think?
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    I am looking for additional programming help (optional)

    You may know me as the one creating the art side of "The Legend of Zelda: The Unicorns Lair" My girlfriend is programming the entire game, and I know it is going to take a long time to even get the gameplay to move around to work. To the point, I want to know if any of you programmers are...
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    Zelda 64 model requests

    From Lemmy's plugin for Nemu64 and 1964, I am requesting if someone can email or attach model's from Zelda 64? I need: Child Link Adult Link Navi the Fairy All Shields All Boots All Swords All Tunics Princess Zelda as a kid and adult Impa Zelda's Courtyard Zora's Domain I would HIGHLY...
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    Is Zelda64 DD even out?

    I'm not asking for a rom at all, but I am asking if Zelda64 DD as a rom exists out there? Just curious if anyone has it. Again, I am NOT asking for rom locations or how to get it, I just want to know if a Zelda64 DD is out there. Zelda64 DD is what would have had new temples and what everyone...
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    Ocarina of Time not working

    I can get OoT to work in 1964 and Project 64, but Nemu64 08 does not like this game..can someone please tell me why Zelda isn't working? When I open up Zelda 64, I get "Error opening file"
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    Future game developers!

    Hey there! I am going to be a game developer sometime in the near distant future and make games :P My plans are to become a director, artist for concepts, designs, landscapes, character designs, textures, 3D models, paintings (digital), story-boards and throw in my ideas and suggestions. I...
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    I'm fed up with games that boast graphics

    Am I the ONLY one who is fed up with games that say "hey, we have great grahpics, buy us!" I MISS the old days where a storyline, game-play and controls were number one in the gaming era long ago. Now we have games that rely on graphics to make the game a "game" Whatever happened to being...
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    Navi the Fairy 3D model problem

    Does anyone know how to get that glow around Navi's 3D model in 3DS Max 8?
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    Twilight Princess a finished Ocarina of Time?

    I've heard some discussions based on Twilight Princess being a completed version of Ocarina of Time. Is this true in the slightest? I've heard things taken out of the original Ocarina of Time will be accessible now. I JUST HEARD these rumors, but I don't know for sure. Anyone care to explain?
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    Zelda 64 project: Unicorn Fountain and Triforce

    Read below for the game information Unfortunately, the main programmer has left the project and cannot be done without programmers. If anyone is a programmer, please contact me at janetmerai[at]hotmail[dot]com. Official Title: The Legend of Zelda: The Unicorns Lair Story: Years have passed...
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    Four Swords help

    Hi, I am trying to get past the "Please connect 3 GBA systems" or whatever it says. Does anyone know how to play it without the GBA systems?