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    Do you want your texture pack hosted on our new Hi-Res site?

    As many of you probably know, Vanit and I have been working on a site that would act as detailed and organized place for all information on the N64 Hi-Res community. So naturally we want to open the site with some texture packs. What we are looking for is for the authors to come in here and...
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    Wave Race 64 Soft Mod

    WaveRace 64 Soft-Mod version 0.1 This is a hi-res replacement mod for Wave Race 64. Inspired by cel-shaded work, the goal of this mod is to give the game a softer, cartoon like feel. It is in my opinion that a realistic pack wouldn't work well with the game's low polygon count. This pack is...
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    Cell-Shaded Wave Race 64 (Now with Demo)

    Update: Because I am going on a weeklong vacation I decided to try and release something you guys can play with. Here's a 80% done Dolphin Park pack. What is incomplete: - Hut Roofs - Wood Texture on Walkways - Spectators - Clouds (Can't get a rip of them) - Finalization of textures (fixing...
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    Who wants to rip Wave Race for me?

    Maybe I'm retarded but I can't get what I want from the Wave Race rom. I get some textures, but some important ones (like the Dolphin Park sign, huts, sun flare) I can't seem to get to rip. For the moment I'm just looking for Dolphin park.