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    Linux giving me nothing

    I've got Ubuntu Linux 5.10, it works fine. ...But I can't get online with it. I'm on a wireless connection, with one of those USB Adapters. I heard Linux is supposed to be useless for wireless, but is there any way I can get it to work? Once i'm online, then i'll be set. I can do what I...
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    Majoras Mask Question

    Okay, usually - when I pause, whatevers on the screen just blurs. But sometimes, when I pause, everything goes all hi-contrast (yellowish/reddish), and it starts doing like a motion blur effect to the bottom right.. .. What is that.? Ever come across it before.?
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    Conkers Bad Fur Day

    Hi. :) I'm not complaining much, just a little curious. Everything in the game works fine - the shadows, the fading, the models are complete - it's all good. Apart from the odd "first person" moments, where you're seeing from conkers perspective, I get all this multicoloured fuzz on top of...
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    So I had a choice..

    I was on a *very* low budget, and I wanted a graphics card. I had a choice between a 256MB ATI Radeon card (forget which.. about £70), and this 128MB GeForce FX 5200, for £40. I asked about each, and the guy said I should get the GeForce, as i'd only get a few more fps from the Radeon. Uh...
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    Messed Up Text?

    In Zelda OOT Master Quest, the game runs perfectly graphically and everything else, but some of the letters are wrong for the speech boxes. The "m" is basically a white square, and i's are usually replaced with y's, and sometimes it flickers between letters. I can't get a screenshot, as I'm...
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    Slowness In Zelda: OoT

    Hi. :) This is probably unaviodable as the machine I'm trying to run this on is pretty bad. It's mainly for convenience, but I'll ask anyway: In Ocarnia of Time, the game seems to run quite jittery. Even at the lowest resolutions. I've tried playing with settings, such as counter factor or...