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  1. iq_132

    Project Tempest to soon support AvsP

    Alien Versus Predator is apparently working in a yet unreleased project tempest. For anyone following project tempest closely, this should be nice news. Here's a screenie:
  2. iq_132

    UltraHLE 2.0 Questions and Suggestions.

    I thought that since the UltraHLE 2.0 thread got closed, a thread should be started for this. Please post suggestions and questions. Try not to be too critical of what others have to say, and please remember, The team : _aprentice_, Mcleod, Hacktarux, PsYKo, RatTrap, Tb, Quvack, and DominaTor...
  3. iq_132

    What happened to Cooliscool?

    I was just wondering... Is he banned or something?
  4. iq_132

    Quake 3 Pak file problem

    Ok Here's the problem: I'm trying to replace some files in the pak0.pk3 file... Namely the level music, but every time I recompress the files, I get this error:
  5. iq_132

    Windows XP Media Center Edition: Freestyle : BETA Leaked
  6. iq_132

    Post your fake, or not so fake longhorn shots here Looks sort of real...
  7. iq_132

    Daemon Tools 3.23

    A new version of the great CD emulation software DAEMON TOOLS was released yesterday. Just in case you haven't heard: MDS files: Neverwinter Nights© Eng (english version with Patch 1.21 or higher) Neverwinter Nights© Ger (german version with Patch 1.21 or higher) Industry Giant 2© (english...
  8. iq_132

    How's the weather where you are?

    I figured since there's a "post a screenie of your desktop" thread, and a "where are you posting from," why not post about the weather. Right now, It's rainy as hell and cold. *forgot to add dark... it's 3 am here.*
  9. iq_132

    New Condoms!!!

  10. iq_132

    Post your sig images here...

    If it's ok with the Admin... I think It'd be a good idea to have a place to upload images to put in our sigs.. Just upload them here then use html to link to them: <img src=""> Please don't be stupid... Try to keep your images below 30k and less than 400pixels...
  11. iq_132

    Satourne w/Dynamic Recompile

    saw it over at
  12. iq_132

    Good Tools Question...

    Does Good Tools, when renaming files, rename the extension to the correct one also?
  13. iq_132

    How to load .bin's in Tempest?

    I don't know what to put in for Start and Download addresses!!! Can anyone help? (I'm working on a compatibility list :))
  14. iq_132

    Project Tempest 0.12!!!

    Get it here:
  15. iq_132

    Favorite IM Program?

    I'm not sure if this is Waaay Off-Topic or Tech talk, so I decided I'd put it in Waaay Off just to be safe :) I use Trillian and was wondering what other's use.. <a href="">Trillian</a> <br> <a href="">Odigo</a><br> <a...
  16. iq_132

    Neogeo Problems

    Can anyone tell me a neogeo emulator that works in Windows XP? I tried NeoRage-x except it crashes every time I start it up. (I'm probably just too dumb to set it up :)) Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks. -IQ
  17. iq_132

    Get "informed" about Palladium A nifty faq about TCPA/Palladium :)
  18. iq_132

    Test your Virus Scanner

    <font color=red>Be very careful downloading anything from here!!!</font> <font color=red>Be very careful downloading anything from that website!!!!</font> I found this a few minutes ago and thought it'd be interesting to see what everyone has to say...
  19. iq_132

    Favorite XP Visual Style?

    What's you favorite Windows XP visual Style? Personally I'm a big fan of ChaNinja's Sentinel.
  20. iq_132

    WindowBlinds or StyleXP

    I just was wondering.. PS. Please don't post if you don't use either of them and don't say they are "ghey" or "shit" because that's just not helpful. Post legitimate reasons why you don't like them.