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  1. pj64er

    WinXP graphic corruptions...Help!

    Does anyone have any idea whats causing this, and how to fix it? Note: the screenshot should really only show the startmenu looking fscked up, but the printscreen function seems to also capture a messed up everything else as well. Specs should be the same as the ones in my profile.
  2. pj64er

    CXBX runs Turok! Im not sure if the submit news thing works, so here it is, in general. Hopefully its not some sort of delayed April Fools joke..
  3. pj64er

    CXBX runs Turok! good speeds and all :O
  4. pj64er

    Nigerian Scam dude caught haha, at least 11 people fell for it! :w00t:
  5. pj64er

    Lost my Partiton Table...HELP!

    After testing a CD drive, my table was wiped...totally. No idea how. No fdisk utility can pick up any traces of it (tried MS-DOS fdisk, DR-DOS fdisk, and linux cfdisk, as well as simple df'ing). Fortunately, with the FindPart program, I was able to pick out what it might have looked like. Before...
  6. pj64er

    Need help installing a PCMCIA under linux

    First things first. I'm new to linux, and I'm new to this PCMCIA devices business, so please go easy on me. Alright, right now, I have a laptop with RedHat 7.3 installed on it. I chose all the network/internet related and laptop support during installation. What I wanted to do was have this...
  7. pj64er

    Trouble starting windows

    Alright, number one, this aint that blaster worm thats going around, the symptoms are different, and i scanned my computer without finding any traces of it. Basically, the problem here is that everytime I boot my computer, it does all the normal booting-up things, up until the windows xp splash...
  8. pj64er

    Natural-Selection awesome, awesome mod for half-life (yup, another one) released a few months ago. best way to describe it is that its a RTS and FPS hybrid...Starcraft + TFC = Natural Selection. if you have ever liked either genre, i highly recommend trying this. for those of...
  9. pj64er

    Console Wars - The Financial Front

    Read this. Good read 'bout the recent price drop. In case u dont like reading the whole thing, the best quote is: "Don't worry, Microsoft will make it up in software sales, if every customer buys 20 or 30 games." That about sums it all up. Looks like Microsoft's deep pockets are going to get...
  10. pj64er

    Ignore alignment problems

    the ignored person's post placeholder is misaligned with the rest of the posts. it is also the wrong size. check out screenie
  11. pj64er

    We dont need this

    the thread ratings. it is barely used, and when it is, it is usually full 5 stars.
  12. pj64er

    Multi Player Problem

    k, im having problems playing three player games on n64 emulators (pj64, 1964). Everytime i try to, the inputs mix each other up (ie p1's controls are affected by p3 pressing a button), after a while, the whole computer crashes. Is this supposed to happen? specs ------- -both 1964 and pj64...
  13. pj64er


    were getting close to one million thread views, someone post when we get there. Right now were at:
  14. pj64er

    What do u look for in an N64 emu?

    Which part of an emulator do u find most important.
  15. pj64er


    umm...what happened to him?:plain:
  16. pj64er


    i need a little help here. u see, i hav a 1.2Ghz Socket A Athlon. i know its old now but its been reliable. anyway, my problem is that it often reaches 70 degrees Celcius (my ASUS proggie tells me this). And all im doing is a little pj64ing (;)). also, its already got a heatsink, with a fan, and...
  17. pj64er

    Play JFG...

    Jet Force Gemini (U) [f1] can run very quickly(steady on 60fps for me) on 1964...but i couldnt get sound to work. someone should be able to figure it out. To get it to run just import the attached pj64 save. good luck and have fun! :1964:
  18. pj64er

    Kaillera Question

    has anyone tried to netplay so that there is more than one player on each computer? ie computer1 - player 1 - player 2 computer2 - player 3 computer3 - player 4 or computer1 - player 1 - player 2 computer2 - player 3 - player 4 the thing...
  19. pj64er

    Can u make cheats for this game?

    hehe, j/k :D (I knew this would get ur attention!) anyone that can answer me, what does X in "Cheat??_X" mean? i know N is note, O is option(or modifier), whats R? is there anymore? im trying to add codes to my own personal database, and im a little confused...
  20. pj64er

    CF x 2

    anyone hav a clue why its possible, in version 0.7.3, to put two counter factors in the menu and one in the game settings? both seem to affect the game speed for me, but i hav no idea why.