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  1. RadeonUser

    Gent's The Druggie

    [21:15:13] <SirRadeon> [21:12:25] <SirRadeon> roll another blunt gent ;) [21:15:13] <SirRadeon> [21:13:34] <Gent|TV> Fuck yea! [21:18:51] <Gent|TV> o_O [21:18:55] <Gent|TV> lies !! [21:19:02] * Gent|TV only says Hell Yea ;) [21:19:08] <SirRadeon> dunno gent.. [21:19:22] <SirRadeon> you were...
  2. RadeonUser

    Zelda OoT - Link Walking on Water

    Zelda OoT - Say What? Pffft... and they said only Jesus could do it :p Ph34r!! Link am l33t :D
  3. RadeonUser

    Sound Issue - 1080 Snowboarding (JU)

    I have noticed that 1080 snowboarding is labeled incorrectly in the rom browser. There is, in fact, sound in the game. All you have to do is go to options / audio and raise up the volume one bar at a time. Please not that this is not 1964's options, but the options in the game. This seems...
  4. RadeonUser

    "Cat Test" - Are you emotionally disturbed?

    CAT TEST To identify emotionally disturbed individuals accurately, Algozzine, Foster, & Kaufman (1979) developed the CAT TEST. This simple, yet novel test is easily administered by professionals, parents, and aides. It involves three simple steps: 1) place testee in empty room facing far wall...
  5. RadeonUser

    PAL Resolution Fix (Black Borders or Cut off Screen)

    A Fix for the Resolution Problem in PAL roms Ok, I'm getting tired of wading through a few posts with the same problem. It'd be really helpful to have one post that can help more people than a few dozen. The problem is this: The bottom of the screen is usually cut off in PAL roms (or the (E)...
  6. RadeonUser

    Zelda OoT - TriForce... Is THAT YOU?

    Nope, it's not the Triforce, but... It is the "resting place" In a very peculiar place. I bet you all Zelda fanatics thought it was in the Temple of Time? WRONG! Here's a pic inlcuding Zelda ;) Now, a wireframe pic that shows all 3 rays and the "green" part where the TriForce rests...