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  1. Gladiac0190

    Dolphin on Linux

    As some of you may have discovered, it is possible to run W32-Apps on Linux. Even Dolphin runns :D, but it is some work to get there. If you don't believe me, here is the thread, where i got Dolwin to run using Wine emulating Pong, Sonic Megacollection and some more...
  2. Gladiac0190

    Dolwin 0.10 on Linux

    Yay, got it working with 'wine' which means, that Dolwin is well coded! Thank you guys, you are great :D. Cause this is a Notebook with a P4 1700 an a GF4Go440, the Framerate is quite poor, but it is not much better on my 3000+ - Winmachine... Here's a screenshot of my debian-desktop running...
  3. Gladiac0190

    Can't load PJ64-Savestates into 1964 0.99

    1964 runs perfectly for me, but I still have a big problem: When I try to load a PJ64 Savestate into 1964 it hangs the emulation-process. Even when I unpack the there is the same result... Anybody has an idea?
  4. Gladiac0190

    XboX Port of 1964 found!

    Believe it or not, but there is a port of 1964 out there in the www. I already got it and try to find out, which version of 1964 is used for this port... I also think that this is a port which has been done without the schibo's permission so I won't give you this piece of software... All I can...
  5. Gladiac0190

    Schibo's Sound HLE Plugin doesn't work! HELP!

    Schibo's Sound Plugin does not work for me. If i left everything at default, but nothing comes out of my sound system... Here is anything that could be helpful to find a solution to this problem: Grafic: Rice 520 Ausio: Schibos 120 HLE Padin: NRage 182a RCP-Plugin: disabled DirectX 9B...