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  1. Jaz

    N64 (US) is 25!

    In the US, it's 25 years to the day that the N64 was released. A console most of us can relate to I'm sure given we ended up on EmuTalk, but what are your N64 highlights? Mario Kart 64 was the reason I bought the console, and I spent a lot of time playing Cruis'n World as well.
  2. Jaz

    The Weekend Thread

    A place to discuss your plans for the weekend. I picked up the Director's Cut edition of Death Stranding today so I expect I'll be spending most of the weekend getting stuck into that.
  3. Jaz

    Nintendo Switch Emulation

    Repo here: Likely to be years away from playing commercial games, of course, but still very cool nonetheless.
  4. Jaz

    Goty 2016

    So what was your GOTY for 2016?
  5. Jaz

    Wii U Emulation

    Feels like a traditional EmuTalk April Fool's thread! But it is not! Impressive to see this so soon.
  6. Jaz

    What are you playing? 2014 Edition **GOTY Nominations!**

    Yeah I know it's in ToTT and not in Gaming, but nobody looks in there. So what are you old vets playing these days? My current backlog looks something like this right now: - The Wonderful 101 (Wii U) - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U) - Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One) - LEGO The...
  7. Jaz

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Have a good one chaps.
  8. Jaz

    Happy holidays everyone!

    A happy Christmas or whatever you celebrate to you all! Not long to go now. :)
  9. Jaz

    Using an existing SQL member d/b wih PHPbb?

    Hello all. My problem is this... I have an existing php based web platform running with a MySql members database. I want to integrate phpbb into this platform, but I want to use the existing member database for my phpbb forum. Is there a hack to do this? If not, is it just a simple mod? Do...
  10. Jaz

    Lik-Sang Closed

    I know this is pretty old news now, but I wanted to get your thoughts on the closure of one of the major importers, Lik-Sang. You can read the press release in it's entirity, here. I have used Lik-Sang a LOT in the past, and I've always had great service from them. It's a shame to see them...
  11. Jaz

    Phantasy Star Universe X360 Beta

    Starts this weekend! Download it from the Marketplace sometime today. Hope to see you on there! :)
  12. Jaz

    Gran Turismo HD is a total rip-off!

    This is incredible. Good luck with that, Sony. :unsure:
  13. Jaz

    You can have a Wii on this date, and it'll cost you this much...

    Sounds like a great price to me, considering you're getting a game with it as well. :)
  14. Jaz

    Are you importing a Wii at launch?

    Well seeing as it's the only next gen machine which won't carry a "worldwide launch", I thought it would be interesting to see how many of us are going to pre-order.
  15. Jaz

    Goldeneye available on Wii?

    Well according to GamePro, Nintendo have pledged that Goldeneye will be available for Wii users to download as part of their retro service. Whilst this is naturally super news (if it's true), I must ask the following: a) Microsoft now own Rare, so does that mean they own the rights to...
  16. Jaz

    New job!

    Well I'm no longer a tax-dodging student! I finally have my first proper job as an "eCommerce Associate" for a small Subscription Website company based in Cardiff. Woohoo! Time to grow up! :)
  17. Jaz

    I herby declare it the ET babe week!

    Yes you read it right. This week is babe week on EmuTalk, so please try to post at least one photo every single day for a week in the Baaaaabe Thread!! It's not as busy in there as it used to be, and I don't like it! Get posting! There will be a special award (like the Member of the Month...
  18. Jaz

    Which game character are you?

    Take the test.
  19. Jaz

    Ubisoft call for PS3 price drop!

    An interesting article I found, here. It's not a good sign when developers feel the need to comment on the extreme cost of Sony's machine. Call me naive, but I don't think Sony have realised that the brand name won't sell the console on it's own anymore. Understandable comments from Ubi, in...
  20. Jaz


    Any thoughts on the recently released Prey demo? I downloaded it for Xbox 360 and I have to say I was really impressed. It seems to have a similar dry humor to that of Duke Nukem, and it is very enjoyable in multiplayer - if a little laggy in it's current state. Thoughts?