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  1. jdsony

    Banjo Threeie, nextgen game?

    Check this out.
  2. jdsony

    Games that support the expansion pack.

    After searching the forums and searching with google I can't seem to find a list of games that support the 4mb expansion pack. I found the odd tidbit of information on a couple games but nothing extensive. Anyone know of a list that lists all the games and what the expansion pack does for the...
  3. jdsony

    Games boot on DC but not in Chankast?

    Does anyone have any games that will boot on a regular DC but in Chankast they go to the music player? I'm just wondering because I have some games that do that and hope they will work on a real DC once I pick one up again.
  4. jdsony

    Technical question about Framebuffers...

    I have a question for anyone that can answer. I'm curious about why the N64 uses a framebuffer. Does it allow for effects to not have as much of a performance impact? It's just something that would be nice to know and I really know nothing about other than some games use them some games don't...
  5. jdsony

    Textures disappearing?

    I have this little problem. I call it little because it's not too bothersome but does make playing some games a little less entertaining. Using Jabo's 1.5.1 Video plugin causes a problem where textures disappear and then reappear when the screen moves. The games that are mainly a problem that I...
  6. jdsony

    Wow...the ultimate Voodoo?

    Check this out on ebay...this is (or was) quite an amazing piece of hardware.
  7. jdsony

    hah...I can play at work

    Well it's Christmas Season and things are pretty slow here at the work so I thought why not play some N64 games instead of mindlessly browsing the World Wide Web! I ftp'ed Project 64, Diddy Kong Racing and Mario 64 to my computer here at work and... It works! And the speed is good too. This...
  8. jdsony

    Should I buy...A 3DFX Card?

    Anyone give me any insight on how well the 3DFX cards word with the Glide plugin? I have used the Glide plugin with the evoodoo wrapper and it does a good job but I wouldn't say it does it any better that Jabo's plugin. I'm sure I could pick up an old Voodoo 2 or Voodoo 3 PCI card for $10 give...