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    Saving Textures into a Rom

    Is it possible to save textures IN a rom, with any plugin talked about here? Im sure what im using, (Rice video plugin), isnt going to do it, but im wondering if theres any way to do this. Its not nessecary that i do this, but i was just wondering.
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    Simple Question?

    Is it possible to say, take a texture that is 30x30 pixels, and replace it with a texture that is 60x60 pixels, and have it show up in the game and look all nice and new? Im 100% positive this is being done, but i dont know how.
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    Ocarina of Time (A Link to the Past Textures)

    Hey guys, im new here. I just thought id post what i started on, an i hope to finish over the summer. Heres a preview: This is what ive done: Kokiri Forest - 90% Lost Woods - 90% Inside the Deku Tree - 20% Hyrule Field - 40% Kakariko - 20% Great Fairy's Fountain - 100% Fairy's Fountain Grave...