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  1. pilm

    1964 FrameSkip is Wonderfull !!!

    I've just tried 1964 v0.9.9, and his new "Auto frameskip/Auto CF Timming Adjust" Option, and it's really cool. I have low specs, and now my games are running at full speed (with some frames skipped, eh...). Pj64 never had a good frameskip system. And 1964 is Open-Source, like pj64. I'm not good...
  2. pilm

    Help for a "translator"

    I wanted to write a real static-recompiler "emulator", wich would translate one-for-all a rom (GB for beginning) into a Win32 executable (a bit like Corn for N64, but mine produce a .exe file once). IS THAT POSSIBLE ?? I think by optimize the recompilation we can do something quite cool, but I'm...
  3. pilm

    Validate Blending Option in new D3D6 v1.5 plugin

    I've just download Pj64 1.5, and I found the new application and video plugin (D3D6 1.5) cool, because a lot of blending glitches were fixed. But why is'nt more the Validate Blending option ? I have a old ATI RAGE mobility chipset, and Validate Blending was really helpfull. So please, ca you...