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  1. Kerber2k

    Sticky all finished projects

    Pehaps it would be easier if the finished projects were stickied to eliminate the need to search through the forum for dead threads. If this idea is accepted by forum admin just sticky Djipis celda, and my mariokart to the forum, and promptly delete this thread from the forum...if idea is not...
  2. Kerber2k

    Kerb's Mariokart re-texture

    Kerber's Mariokart 64 pack v.2.5 is available now! Primary download Loacation #1 Requirements: Mario Kart 64 (U) [!] (signs you have the right rom are your internal name has no spaces) 1964 or Project64 emulators Rice's 6.1.1 beta 10 (or higher) plugin Installing process...
  3. Kerber2k

    Goldeneye Multiplayer

    -GoldenEye Deathmatch pack contains Complex version 2.0, and Basement, Stack, and Library levels. It also has some other nice textures im too lazy to mention...what are you waiting for download this! -If you see a texture I didnt complete feel free to upload it to the thread, and ill re-texture...