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    Gamecube minidvd iso?

    So i made some googling and found out Gamecube discs are called MiniDVD.Arent the same used in digital cameras?I thought about trying to rip an iso from my gamecube discs.I used dvd decryptor.To my surprise it was able to read the size of the disc and give some info.What does this mean?Gamecube...
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    GC saves (noob question)

    So,the questions are: 1)Can i save my games like i would in GameCube? 2)What format are the saves in?Are the the same as in GameCube memory card? 3)Can i use my saves which i got from my GameCube mem.card? 4)Can i use Gameshark .gsc save format with Dolphin? Thank yooou!!