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    Donkey Kong 64 Trouble

    When I load Donkey Kong 64, a popup comes up and say "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." Can any one help me? I am using 0.8.3c I use Jabo's Direct 3D7 1.40 Azimars Audio v.4.0 and the defult settings??? ??? MY SPECS Pentium4 2.0 GHZ Geforce 4
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    Can't Play In Window Screen Bug Fix

    To fix this bug use Jabo Direct3D v.1.40 7.dll, I've noticed that I can't play in window mode using Jabo Direct3D v.1.40 6.dll. If you use Jabo Direct 3D 7 it should work fine. :D :) :cool: :1964: By the way when I use Jabo direct sound in 1964 theres no sound, can anyone help me? ???
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    Is Kirby64 compatible with pj64 1.4 ? ???
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    Conker Bad Fur Day Graphic errors

    In CBFD multiplayer mode you can't aim with the bazooka it just show a black screen with the scope on. Can this be fixed????
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    Gamecube ZELDA

    Have any one of you gonna geta the gamecube zelda?? Wich system is the best?? Playstation2:) GameCube:colgate: X-Box:cool:
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    Conker BFD

    It won't load conker anymore!!! I worked on 1964 version7.0 fine but on 7.1it doesn't work, when I load it It freezes and say it isn't respondind!! HELP!!!??? ??? ??? ??? :angry:
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    Conker Bad Fur Day Multiplayer

    When I play conker bfd in multiplayer split screen, the second screen is black and the top screen is messed up. Does anyone encountered this problem and will it be fixed in the next version???:plain: ??? :devil:
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    Goldeneye problems

    When I start a new game, It runs very slow and I get a fatal error in the beginning. Does anyone have a solution for this???:cry: ???
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    Mario Tennis

    I got maario tennis to run, but when I try to play a game the emu suddenly slows down to 3.2fps does anyone have a solution to this??????