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    wrestlemania and virtual pro wrestling help

    when I turn on one these games nemu says nemulating but nothing happens, i wait for like 15 min. and nemu says these two games are playable!PLAESE HELP!!!
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    when i ply zelda mm it freezes

    can you help me
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    does wcw/nwo world tour work?

    well does it?
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    gamecube emulator?

    is there one?
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    speed limiter?

    If i want my emulation to go slower sould i turn it on or off????
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    morpheus help

    i d/l a rom from morpheus, i want to project 64 to play it but yhe file was'nt there!!!:cry:
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    smash bros.???????

    is the us version out there?????
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    help please

    when i start smash bros. n64 logo comes up then a error meassage come up and says do you wish to continue emulation? i put yes then screen turns blank:plain:
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    smash bros. help

    when i play smash bros. (e) version it dosen't come on :angry:
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    jet force gemini help!

    it keeps freezing after a few seconds
  11. J

    can ya help a newbie out

    on pj64 when i play smash bros it keeps freezing and i have no chice but to shut down my computer help. :hrm:
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    smash bros. freeze would plz help me out

    When I start smash bros. it works and then in about 30 seconds it frezzes!and the same thing happens with jet force gemini I have pj64 v1.4 HELP PLEASE!!!!!!