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    Emulator programming

    Hi, where to start? What language to learn?
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    I-pac2 and Retropie 4.3

    I've a raspberry pie 3 b and an i-pac2. How should I go about enabling player 2 support in retropie 4.3?
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    Off to Maui!

    Summer, holiday and vacation from holiday! :P I'm off to Maui tomorrow to surf/windsurf and hopefully have a sweet summer. Any maui people on emu64/emutalk? Any suggenstions on things to see? Not see? :P
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    My new toy :)

    A Mistral custom flow 266cm 96liter board :P it's soo sweet :icecream: any surfers here? :whistling
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    Spa-Francorchamps GP

    I got a Formel1 ticket at my birthday so tonight I'm flyging down to the south of sweden, then drive through Denmark, Germany, Holland och finally Belgium to arrive on saturday. Sleep over and then watch the GP on saturday. I'm in for a treat. And I'm thinking that Alonso will be the winner. :P...
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    Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take you...

    I'm off to Miami, FL for two weeks.. :icecream: I know I'll be missed... :P Any tips on what to see?
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    Powernow! on a AMD Mobile XP...

    I read somewhere a while back that you could set up windows xp, with the use of a app, to throttle my mobile xp cpu. Which could, and will, be nice when you help me fix it :P I did read a quick how-to somewhere which used mbm and some plugin to achieve this but this in not what I originally...
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    Dead Hd's

    My other IBM drive just gave up on me:plain:, and since I have two broken ones now I might as well send them in and try to get new ones... I know there is a page online where you can check if you still have warranty left, however I'm unable to find it.. and yes, I did google for it.. Any clues...
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    Peter "Poppa" Forsberg to the swedish league

    Kick ass! Going to love to se him play along with the Sedin twins and a couple of other great players.. Foppa, Foppa :P Hopefully there will be an NHL lockout..
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    Help me pick a new computer..

    Since my old pc is getting old I really need to upgrade. I'm gonna keep my current gfx card and aiming at new mobo + cpu + ram. I want a AMD based mobo with onboard sound / nic / no raid. Make isn't that important but should I aim at, Nforce? I don't play so it's basicly a surf the web /...
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    Hdd crash -> options

    I had / still have a IBM 75GXP 120GB 3.5" that crashed the other day, unf I have around 2.5 GB of backups that I need from the disk. :/ I've tried it in 3 different computers and same results in all, nothing. So, what are my options? Atm I'm thinking.. 1) Forget about the backups and the...
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    Houston! I have a problem...

    I have done a lot of testing but I have not gotten to try out dolphin and patiently awaiting the solution so that I can see Zelda apperar infront of me. :D Tried both the first release and the updated build and same result unf. Using XP ServicePack1 RollUpdate1 at the moment with dx9b, latest...
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    Feeling down?

    I don't think you'll feel any better after watching this... :P
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    Phantom Unveiled

    Saw over at maxconsole that the Phantom page has been updated, def not sure that is real yet but the video atleast brought me one step closer to beleiving that it is... It still has a ugly as hell design... ;)
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    Maxtrix Revolutions: For us that have seen it ;-)

    Saw it at the premiere earlier today. Pretty good, the last part of the movie was kick ass but the CG was a bit too much... A lot of this... :gunman: Any thoughts?
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    Praise Sweden's ladies ;-)

    Currently at halftime the swedish women soccer team are leading by 1 to 0 over the german counterpart. They do not only play better, they look bettter... :)
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    Brb, format c:\

    After getting everything to work like I wanted it too something unexpected happens, newer saw this one coming unf. :yawn: This is happening way too often these days, anyways brb:P Being a lazy bastard is pretty nice whenever this doesn't happen but kind of annoying downloading / finding every...
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    Tiny Personal Firewall

    After giving Norton Internet Security a spin for a long time I finally got fed up and started looking for alternatives, not unix based, and heard a lot of neet things about Tiny's Personal Firewall which is a better, smarter and tougher version of what comes with XP, atleast so I've heard ;)...
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    Cubextender2k3? Fake?

    Saw some screenshots over at the ngemu forums where someone had submitted screenshots from a accused GC emu, named Cubextender2k3. Never heard of it before and the screenshots doesn't look genuine although they don't look too fake either. The webpage appears to be down but since they have...
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    I'll be back!, Arnold goes into politics...

    Although a week old but the outcome will probaly have an impact on us all, what's your thoughts of Arnold running for guevenor? California could do a lot worse...