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  1. UnaidedCoder

    Well gents, i'm back and taking suggestions for a new game to retexture.

    I don't know if any of you remember back in early to mid summer break were I completed a high resolution Star Fox texture pack (if you were around and may not remember, I could call up my old screenies and you can check my youtube account [same name as here] for the demo videos). Well, i feel...
  2. UnaidedCoder

    The Internet makes people into god damn lunatics! Like really, did that guy go completely insane just prior to driving over to the guy's place and torching his home? Good thing the American Army is made of sane,logical individuals.
  3. UnaidedCoder

    UnaidedCoder's MM project

    Only in the early stages so far. I'll release a pack after clock town is completed, then the surrounding overworld, then the 4 surrounding worlds and dungeons.
  4. UnaidedCoder

    I'm bored, so i'm gonna show off somethin i did with that model extractor plugin:

    Made the arwing look good. Lost the pic of the wing and I'm too lazy to get another one. Also too lazy to texture it right now since that's going to be 20 thousand triangles of agony. Oh, and ll the animations work.
  5. UnaidedCoder

    1964 net play is confusing me...........

    I've never had a full game going yet, mostly because my friends with 1964 are havign the same problem. this is regarding perfect dark specifically. i have 6 perfect dark roms on 1964's list. 2 european, one japanese, 3 american. Dunno why, got em all at once. Anyways, online, me and my...
  6. UnaidedCoder

    Was perfect dark's skybox always that crappy?

    I don't have the original game to draw from and my memory is faulty in this ara, but the sky is a single static image that stretches to keep it's edge at the top of the screen and the horizon accordingly. Was it always like that or is this some kind of error?
  7. UnaidedCoder

    UnaidedCoders Starfox Retexturing Project

    Ok, this is my first time retexturing an N64 game, which I have been working on for roughly two weeks casually now. Since this is the primary RICE forum, i should post the WIP progress here. Screens: More after the break: Download: Direct Download