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  1. IceLord

    What was the coolest game released on the year you were born

    Thats right, just curious to see what games you think were the best occurding to when you were born. For example i was born in 1986 so i could put:
  2. IceLord

    Regarding my stupid desktop

    hi guys recently my damn desktop (as opposed to the laptop im using now) has been randomly restarting. From what I can gather it seems to restart at anytime during the bootup sequence, when loading windows or while in windows. Also on another note, my dvd burner on the same desktop has stopped...
  3. IceLord


    well it seems i have made my first n00b kill, not that funny i know, but i was bored [23:25] * ripley607 has joined #emulation64 [23:26] <ripley607> anyone there? how do i download roms? [23:26] * linker` has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:26] <Ice1ord> hi [23:27] <Ice1ord>...
  4. IceLord

    some interesting regarding a gta3 mod

    After scouring the net i found an interesting site regarding GTA3. It seem that one of our member has been busy making a mod for gta3 and it looks very promising. This guy is a bit shy so id like to introduce Lachp30. He is a pretty commited guy and after contacting him, he said he needed help...
  5. IceLord

    Sad news from Dave2001

    <b>Sad news from Dave2001</b> Some very sad news from the author of Glide64, read about it <a HREF=";act=ST;f=9;t=173;st=0;r=1;&">HERE</A><br></font><br><img src="images/trans_1x1.gif" width="1"...
  6. IceLord

    A new Emulation64 Staff Member

    Umm... well something wierd happened cause that was me that was ment to say that
  7. IceLord

    Regarding the Rom Browser

    Hey Guys, I have a little question about the rom browser, recently as my rom collection has grown, the n64 rom names have gone out of alphabetical order (see screen shot) and i was wondering if anyone knew why?
  8. IceLord


    A really cool game like sonic Try it Here
  9. IceLord

    Concerning Jet Force Gemini

    Well i think i have an idea concerning the automation of the jet force gemini startup. I started to build a fronted to automate the start up here is the code, Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim RetVal RetVal = Shell("Project64.exe Jet_Force_Gemini_(U)_[f1].v64", 1) ' Load Jet force Gemini...
  10. IceLord

    Opening Roms using a Shortcut

    OK im not sure if this has been asked before, if it has i must have missed it but, is there a way to use a batch file or a shourt cut to load a rom and if so what are the other codes you can use btw i found that C:\Emulators\N64\PJ64\Project64.exe -load works but im not sute what to put after...
  11. IceLord

    Sonic Advance

    Well, I found sonic advance at last but then, to my dismay it didn't work All it dispayed was 4 horozontal lines. I tried the rom with all of the emulators (vba, vgba, boycott) but none of them work. could i please have some help?:cool:
  12. IceLord

    kaillera Net play

    Well i have to say that this new version (compared to 0.7.0) is a lot more stable (the input dosen't crash). The prob is with Net play. I tried playing my brother over the LAN and everytime i try and start the game, the emu crashes. (I know you need to go into Netplay and have a server). My...
  13. IceLord

    Illegal Operation (input)

    Hi everyone this will be my first post, ok here i go. Whenever I press any keys while playing games on my key board i.e., "a", widows comes up with an illegal operation. This happens with Nootie's plugin as well as the "basic Plugin". Strangely enough I can still play the game my pusing the...