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  1. ferrarifan68

    Is there a way to enable or disable throttle while playing games?

    Hello everyone. I'm just wondering is there an option to enable/disable Throttle? If it is, which key is it? I know MAME is different because you can change each key in the configure menu.
  2. ferrarifan68

    Planet Harriers crashes during gameplay

    Hey everyone. So when i started choosing a character, when the first stage started until the announcer said GO!! after saying Get Ready then a message popped up saying Error HRESULT= 887a0005 Failed to create Texture. Sometimes when i started playing, it doesn't occur very often. Here's my...
  3. ferrarifan68

    My PC is already built.

    Hey gamers my latest project is done. My PC is finished which has nice performance. Here are my specs Intel i3-4170 @3.7GHZ GeForce GT 730 8GB Windows 10 64 bit MSI H81M P-33 What do y'all think? My PC is way powerful than my I5 with Intel HD 4000 GPU.
  4. ferrarifan68

    Will a DX12 GPU work with Demul?

    Hey everyone i'm building a PC with a Intel i3 4170 @3.7 GHZ and a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti so when i saw the compatibility list for the GPU's are DX12. So i'm just wondering that is it possible to run Demul with a DX12 card? I already know Demul has DX11 plugins on recent versions.
  5. ferrarifan68

    How about speed improvements on low Computers

    I would love to see speed improvements but we need patience to wait in the future. :)
  6. ferrarifan68

    What is your favorite SEGA Naomi arcade game

    My favorite is Naomi game is Ferrari F355 challenge.
  7. ferrarifan68

    Thank you for Demul

    Hello my name is Ferrarifan68. I am a Youtuber that i upload a lot of stuff and i want to say thank you Demul team for emulating my favorite game Waverunner GP. I loved playing this game in the arcades it's a fun SEGA arcade racer. A couple of years later my local arcade took it away and put a...