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  1. Sakuragi

    Naomi/Naomi 2 Skip CRC checks. (widescreen hacks)

    Simply short, I am modifying Naomi Roms so the games display in native Widescreen, but anytime I change a single file in the rom the game won't boot since the CRC is not the one Demul is expecting from it. As an example in VIRTUA FIGTHER 4 ( I need to change the following values in...
  2. Sakuragi

    Sega Arcade/ Widescreen Hacks.

    So After doing lots of Widescreen hacks for The Dreamcast and Sega Saturn I was wondering if anyone is interested in Widescreen hacks for Naomi, Naomi 2, Atomiswave etc. I've already have some ready to post, but I'd like to know if people is actully interested. I know tha most purists are...
  3. Sakuragi

    Demul crashing if autosort is enabled.

    Hi, I've been facing some trouble making demul to work with an r9 380x, it runs fine without autosort enabled, once I tik the option the emulator crashes Is anyone facing the same problem?
  4. Sakuragi

    Dreamcast's Tomb raiders emulation.

    As far as I know none of the Dreamcast's Tomb Raiders are emulatable, but the other day while searching for info I found a guy who posted a few screenshots from Tomb raider The Last revelation and Tomb Raider Chronicles, comparing the PC, Dreamcast and PSx Version, an he claimed the Dreamcast...