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  1. punisher001

    FPS Limit

    Ok guys, I don't claim I get high FPS in every game, but in some of them are really high! So, is there a way to limit FPS?
  2. punisher001

    Is iDeaS stopped?

    Well, if you take look at NGemu it says iDeaS Final Released... Does it mean that Lino has stopped coding iDeaS or I missunderstood?
  3. punisher001

    Masken, Masken Where Are You?

    Could you please let us know any news about WhineCube? Come on, its been a long time.... Thx, and have a nice day.. :flowers:
  4. punisher001

    Everything's ok!

    Well, guys, it doesn't matter if this great DC emu is dead... Let's be logical. Those guys may have a more interesting real life and got bored coding this emu. They would prefer speding time with their girlfriends and enjoy their lifes (personally this is what i care the most!). Or they are not...
  5. punisher001

    64 Bit and Dual Core support

    Do you think that 64 Bit and Dual Core* support will help Dolphin to have the right speed in combination with a recent GFX card (like GeForce 6800 Ultra)? *Which is better CPU (apart from an IBM's one) for emulating GC, Intel or AMD?
  6. punisher001

    Application error

    Hi guys. I have downloaded the latest beta of Dolphin but when i try to boot a game i get an error that looks like this below: (Y is a variable cause i do not remember the right numbers now) dolphin.exe - Application error The instruction at 0xYYYYYYY reported to memory at 0xYYYYYY. Memory...
  7. punisher001

    help is needed!

    Hello all! i would like to start writing an emulator and i would really appreciate it if somw could give some links where there are documents explaining how emulators work and tutorials on how to make an emulator! Thanks!:bouncy:
  8. punisher001

    Unforunately, i was wrong!

    Finally Chankast didnt released on 7th July :( Dont worry! Christmas will come!:D
  9. punisher001

    Dont be bad guys!!!

    Instead of say thanks to Chankast authors we say all the time but things! I believe in Chankast Team and i don't believe in any case that they are dead! THEY ARE ALIVE! They are preparing something big! Something good! Something excelent! Have faith! Maybe we havent hear news for a long time but...
  10. punisher001

    Just some days...

    A few days and it will be Chankast's birthday and with luck a release! Bye guys!
  11. punisher001


    Please guys post some news! Bye, punisher001
  12. punisher001

    How nSX is goin?

    How far are you coding nSX? I mean is NSX able to boot games and show screens?? Bye and good luck :bouncy: !
  13. punisher001

    Is Chankast Dead????

    Hi everyone! I really wonder how Chankast is goin'! Many days have passed since we heard the last Chankast news! I don't want to be pessimistic but i wonder if chankast progress has stopped!
  14. punisher001

    Keep goin' guys!!!Also, And i need a little help!

    Hi everyone! First of all i have to say that the emuscene is awesome (i am not new to the scene ;-), but i am new at forums!), a very big THANKS to F|RES and ector for writting one of the best GC emus, keep goin' and i hope you will keep coding Dolphin till' end! We will always support you! I...