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  1. MikeX

    N64 Console and N64 Zip Doctor

    Item # 3528842045 I was browsing Ebay and I found this: This system comes with N64 Zip Doctor, four controllers, two rumble paks, Starfox, a memory card, and corresponding cables. Visit the auction here.
  2. MikeX

    Plugin Status

    What's the status of TR64 Ogl 0.8.7 beta? :geek:
  3. MikeX

    Glide64 V0.42 Released!!

    Glide64 V0.42 Released!! The greatest video plugin for the N64 emulators (especially for all you out there with a Voodoo card) , Glide64, has been updated today!! Here's whats new : * Fixed compatibility of Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest with 1964. * Added new...