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    Project64 - All you need to get started is right in here!

    This thread will hopefully help anyone who wants to experience Nintendo 64 with as much accuracy as possible using Project64 as of today 2019-04-26 What I'm attaching is a clean package of Project64 2.4.0-955-g352dcff (2019-04-24) that contains the following: Audio - Azimer's Audio v0.70 WIP 9...
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    MetroBoy - A playable, circuit-level simulation of an entire Game Boy

    Just a shout out to everyone, I recently discovered a new Game Boy emulator/simulator* that is circuit-level accurate! *MetroBoy GitHub Drag and drop rom files into the window to load them. EDIT 2: MetroBoy 1.02
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    Resident Evil 0 Emulator Issue #10129

    I need to post this here! I don't know if any of the Dolphin staff is on these forums now days but if there is anyone else being a member at their forums then please forward this to them. This issue is what I want to mention: - Resident Evil 0 GBZP08...
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    m64p download (2019-01-26)

    Attaching the last known m64p (mupen64plus + GLideN64 + a GUI) package before the owner of the project decided to make it payware. People should have access to the last free build at least, Patreon or not. Have fun with it, angrylion works great too! EDIT: 32-bit package attached
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    Azimer's AziAudio dead?

    For those of you who frequently visits Azimer's AziAudio GitHub repository might have noticed something different today? The repository is wiped clean with only a initial commit made. If you are looking for a download of the plugin it looks like you are out of luck at the moment as I don't...
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    Project64 build request (

    I've seen a lot of people using this and heard it was a reasonably stable build but I can't for the love of god find it anywhere. Google "Project64" and only 5 results come up but with no reference to this build, it's like it doesn't even exist. Is there anyone on this forum that...
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    Spread the word - angrylion-rdp-plus

    Have you ever wanted to play Nintendo 64 games on your computer as they were meant to be played without graphical nastiness and near pixel-perfection but haven't got the power to use angrylion in the past? Well say hello to angrylion-rdp-plus! I stumbled on this when I read this article on...
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    puNES now open source!

    One of the most accurate NES/Famicom/Famicom Disk System emulators is now open source. puNES have been closed sourced and I understand that it's a big turnoff for people but for them all I can say now is that the doors are opened and you can start contribute and improve the project right now...
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    edgbla's gpuBladeSoft v1.44 released

    edgbla's Software Rendering Plugin 1.44 is released. It's a GPU plugin for plugin based Sony PlayStation emulators like ePSXe and PCSXR edgbla's Software Rendering Plugin main features: Unique: • Interlace mode emulation; • Screen settings emulation; • Final Fantasy 8 pre battle effect...
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    Game Boy Pocket and Light "True" Colors + bgb GB Pocket and GB Light border

    I've been experimenting further and this time I've gone through the Game Boy Pocket palette. It's well known that most emulators uses this palette when emulating the Game Boy/Pocket: As you can see it's not very accurate compared to this: So what needs to be done to get it to look like...
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    Made my own bgb borders

    Enjoy! The files are in .bmp format, use them by Right-Click/Options... Then choose the Graphics tab and then border BMP file: DMG, GBC
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    Game Boy Mono "True" colors

    Game Boy Mono "Accurate" Palette + SBG Palettes + Borders This is a complete reboot as my old work was inaccurate. I have for the last year been working on getting results as close as possible to the real Game Boy screen and now I finally have something to give you. We'll start with Game Boy...
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    puNES 0.68 control problems

    I've recently acquired a Retro Bit NES USB Control adapter + a original NES control to use for puNES, Gambatte, Magic-Engine etc. It works great for Gambatte and Magic-Engine but not for puNES. The problem I have is that the D-Pad isn't configurable and usable because somehow puNES is super...
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    edgbla's gpuBladeSoft v1.42a

    edgbla's gpuBladeSoft Hello everyone! I don't know how many of you that are currently using ePSXe 1.8.0 along with edgbla's gpuBladeSoft v1.41 plugin today but it's a damn fine combination if you want to play Sony PlayStation games like you remembered them back in the old days. It's one of the...