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    Castlevaina error at level 5

    Wow guys, this brings back memories!
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    N64 GameSharks versions

    ROTFLMAO, that title got my hopes up :eek::D
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    XEMU v0.6.1-12-ga8c73197da released!

    I just tried this for the first time and wow, very impressive!
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    Buck Bumble Remix for a bit of fun

    Thought it would bring a smile to 2021.
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    The Weekend Thread

    Dark Rift (E) & (J) Full Support & Updated The (U) to match A quick look at the Dark Rift (E) Support below
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    The Weekend Thread

    Making cheats for pj64 legacy and enjoying dev in general. Same old thing i guess lol. When it's in you blood, it's in your blood right? :D Don't have a good weekend guys, have a great weekend! Free Guy
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    Wow Time Flies!

    Good thanks, still ticking along despite the state of the world at current lol.Things good with you?
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    Wow Time Flies!

    Hey Jaz, nice to see you! :)
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    Having problems with PJ64 3.0, Ocarina of Time v1.2

    Can you give me a save before it freezes? i would like to see if the same happens on 1.6.2. Also are you using cheats when this happens?
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    Having problems with PJ64 3.0, Ocarina of Time v1.2

    Hi Hemispheres, you might want to try over at Github project64/discussions to obtain the support and assistance you require for Project64 3.x
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    Tristar 64 and Wide-boy 64 roms support in Project64 1.6 please

    Good for bsnes, sadly N64 emulation for these devices would be far too complicated and time consuming. I would recommend just using the Emulators for the desired devices. Action Replay, Gameshark and Xplorer64 Cartridges are Cheat Devices that you place a Game into and load into the device to...
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    Tristar 64 and Wide-boy 64 roms support in Project64 1.6 please

    The Wide Boy 64 and Tristar 64 are devices heavily reliant on the real hardware. It is inot possible to just inject a rom into another rom/bios file. Without the necessary hardware, these devices and games cannot be run. Exactly the same situation as the Action Replay, Gameshark and Xplorer64...
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    N64 Adaptoid saves

    I personally use the N64/Gamecube to USB adapter - V3 by raphnet. It is excellent and provides me with a solution for both N64 controller and save management and also the ability to use my GameCube controller.
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    Kronos 2.1.5 - Gameplay videos...

    June 71 :unsure: as if my days were not long enough 😂
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    1964 emulator homepage does not work.

    Wayback Link
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    😂 The good old days! CpU!!! Hey
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    Same, Still doing the same things but in a different and better place. Enjoying life to the full with new found freedom, divorced and happy to the power of 1 lol
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    Introducing Project64 Legacy Merchandise

    Very Cool
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    Introducing Project64 Legacy Merchandise

    Hi all, we are very excited to introduce our project64 legacy merchandise ranges. Not only will it be a great way for you to show your support and appreciation for this iconic project, but it will also assist us with various things going forward. Project64 Legacy Merchandise Please show...
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    Project64 Legacy Open Beta

    Project64 Legacy Open Beta Category: <b>Site</b><br><br>RadeonUser has made a post on The Project64 Dev Forum about Open Beta. Release. <p><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt=""...