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    Looking to build a PC that'll work flawlessly with dolphin

    Hey everyone. I've been in the market to build a new PC. My focus isn't only for running dolphin, it's to also be my new gaming PC that should last me a number of years, and since I've been relatively unimpressed with these "next-gen" consoles, I figured I'd invest in something more practical...
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    Poll: Which Zelda announced @ E3 are u most excited for?

    me? OoT 3D FTW!
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    new laptop/same slow speeds. any tips?

    hi, i just got my hands on my laptop i wrote about a while back. its a 2.26 core2duo, 64 bit vista, and a radeon mobile 4580 and 4 gigs of RAM. well, i got the 64 bit recent release of dolphin and was disappointed with the performance. it was identical to the performance my desktop i have on my...
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    mupen playable on overo fire?

    hi, im looking into the gumstix as the source of a new project i want to do (this is the computer-on module:, and that is to build a pocket gaming computer running ubuntu netbook remix 9.10, and doing some old gamimg on the...
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    will this laptop work with dolphin

    heyo, im getting a laptop soon and i was wondering if this particular one: HP dv6t Laptop, Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor T6600 (2.2GHz) 2MB L2 cache 800MHz front side bus 4GB DDR3 SDRAM (2 DIMM) Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3410 would it handle dolphin well? the games im looking to run...
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    zelda64 editor??

    hi, i've heard of a zelda 64 editor around the net and some modifiers. the problem is i don't know where i can find it. it exists but i don't know where it is. does anybody know of a zelda 64 editor that's around??
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    mupen 64 on Eee PC?

    ok, i'm thinking of getting an eee pc and installing eeexubuntu which is a custom version of xubuntu made for eee pc. the specs are: 900 MHz Intel Celeron-M ULV 353 Intel UMA graphic chip 8 gb ssd now my question is will it run mupen 64 full-speed without sound?
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    Dolphin on WINE tested

    Just an announcement I just wanted make, I have tried dolphin via WINE through the latest code weavers version on my 32 bit mac (and on linux) and it doesn't run at all. The program opens but doesn't load a single iso. But I have gotten dolphinx32 working on parallels desktop and VM Ware. I have...
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    n00bish question but....

    Can you load textures such as Ferdelli's High-Rez Zelda on sixtyforce? and also, where can I get additional plugins for sixtyforce? i can't seem to find any anywhere :angry:
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    no$GBA help

    Hey I have a question in NO$GBA. I have no clue how to save games or make them save because I have basically gotten through some parts of Phantom Hourglass, and when I loaded the game later on my file was no longer there! I have done very little research in the saving issue and obviously there...
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    running TP & WW

    hey again... i saw this video of a guy literally playing TP on his PC: now i have TP on my pc, but whenever i open it it stays on booting forever! same w/ WW. They work on the emu and i've seen them work but it never boots on my pc. The emu doesn't crash, nor does my computer, but I don't...
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    Djipi's MM retexture pack????

    hi i found a picture of djipi's MM retexture pack on a website, and i have no clue where i can find it. can anyone please paste a download link for this? here's the site with the picture by the way:
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    help with loading ssbm

    hi again, i downloaded the latest dolphin emu on my computer & i loaded SSBM. it boot and everthing works fine until (in all gameplay modes) after i choose my charactor and says press start, i hit enter, and the whole emu freezes it does not crash but the game does not load, i left it there for...
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    Gcube for mac help

    hello, i'm having problems installing gcube, i don't understand what the instructions are saying, i did get the SDL lib installed, but gcube still does not work, i can't find where the heck is usr/local/bin, will some one help me? Thx!