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    Is Project64 dead?

    Seems like it's been years since anything interesting has happened. Should we still be waiting?
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    ultrafast 1.3 doesn't seem to keep 60fps

    I've tried all of the different overclock rates on perfect dark. Sometimes I can get it to go up to 60fps for a few minutes, but then it throttles back down to 30. It's not at all inconsistent though... no bouncing up and down, and no stuttering. It just runs great for a few minutes and then...
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    Europe region Nights is running slower than USA version in SSF

    'using SSF 012 beta R3 If I run the (U) version of nights, it runs smooth and beautiful. If I run the (E) version, its choppy. Any reason why this might happen?
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    where are all the other threads?

    there was one thread where a guy was showing off a modded version of 1968 v.85, where he got goldeneye and pd to run 100% smoothly. I thought that was a really important thread. Where did it go?
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    is 1964 dead?

    hey, 'not asking for a date or anything, but I'm wondering if there's still work happenin' or if it's dead?
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    is there still another version of 1964 coming out?

    well, its been a long time since I've heard any updates, and I'm just wond'rin if its still in the works or if its been canceled? I'm not asking for a release date, but I'm wondering if I should be abandoning all hope or not.
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    pefect dark locke dup on me!

    well, I beat the first level, and that was all she wrote. athlonxp 2600 nforce2 mobo (k7n2delta!) 768 megs 3200 ddr radeon 9800pro
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    Hey, Rice, what would it take to get widescreen support?

    Hey Rice, I was just wondering what it would take to render n64 games in widescreen mode? Could you just widen the fov a bit and then slam a couple of black bars on the top and bottom of the screen? Not trying to be pushy. Just an idea. Thanks.
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    how to reset defaults?

    hey, somehow my settings got screwedup, and I can't fix it. I've run the uninstalls, erased the folder, reinstalled, and I still have the problem. any ideas?
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    bloom shader effect

    hey, I thought these were cool. Taken with the HRDish custom shader.
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    isn't it time to start the next beta?

    Hey, we're getting close to thanksgiving, and there's still no word on the next beta. There's usually a beta going about this time of year, isn't there?
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    is there a multi-plugin compatibility list?

    is there a list of which games work perfectly with which graphics plugins? It seems to me that it doesn't make any sense to work on one great plugin that works for every game, when there's already existing plugins that work for different games. That way plugin writers could focus just on...
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    anybody try the new glide me plugin?

    I'm stuck at school all day, and I probably won't get to try it out til next week. Has anyone tried it yet?
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    future of n64 emulation/speculation

    Just wanted to know where everyone thinks n64 emulation is going.
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    no word on a final version for 1964, eh?

    has anyone heard anything?