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  1. jvolel

    My last post..... err thread

    .... err thread and post... yeah.... yeah that sounds about right (not like anyone gives a rats assets anyway... or even know who the hell I am lol :blush: ) Um well anyway I've been a faithfull member of emutalk since... what 2000? anyway this is gonna sound crazy but am going to let this...
  2. jvolel

    Geforce 4 Ti 4200 or 4800(se) or geforce fx 5200 or 5600

    Which would be the better buy, one benefits from direct x9 other doesn't....... one is pretty cheap ranging at 99-149 other isn't exactly cheap but can be in the same price range..... so when it comes to emulation and the latest pc games which would be the better buy? :geek: :plain: oh and...
  3. jvolel

    Getting spam mail about spam mail?!?

    LOL ok this is funny (well sort of), I recently got an email telling me about some sort of service, I sent back a response with the title SPAM in it. That company/service then sent me an email back saying this Dear Joe, We have received your email regarding your Spam complaint, Ericware...
  4. jvolel

    hey anyone knows a link to.....

    N-rages site... I want to get those keyboard and most configs I've hear he made for shooting games..
  5. jvolel

    For nemu users

    Just some stuff people where asking for..... All Jabo project64 GFX Plugins can only be found in the Project64 Emulator Package and is not permited to be supplied outside of it.
  6. jvolel

    INput error messages >_<

    Oy there seems to be some problems with the input uh... function . i'd say plugin but then again we can't put any other plugins in place of the input "plugin" lol since I can't change it or "plug in" anything else lol i'll just call it function :p Anyway, anyone ever see this error? :/ (am...
  7. jvolel

    For smash bros players...

    Testing something for netplay... Edit: You can play as all characters levels in smash bros while online. edit: To get it to work online put the sra file into the folder you have the roms and the folder you have the nemu081 exe, also dl the new kalliera client! its just that you may need to...
  8. jvolel

    Damn near perfect if not perfect.....

    I was bored so I decided to make a thread dedicated to pics showing damn near perfect emulation of some games. Well heres fighters destiny 2.
  9. jvolel

    Problem with 1964 netplay

    It seemed to work, but then I couldn't access the game screen! the kalierra(sp?) chat window got in the way, and I couldn't click the game screen at all!! also any tips on how to get this to work with as little lag as possible. Also the only way to get out of it is to close the k window which...
  10. jvolel

    Unreal break out lol

    This has got to be the most orginal mod i've ever played lol , sorry for making a new thread the other one got clogged :getlost: :doh: you guys should see the windows blue screen error message map lol its classic :geek: :phone:
  11. jvolel

    THe first mmoArpg to be made by capcom? hmmmm....

    - Capcom and Game Factory mentioned that the MMOARPG (Online Action RPG) game Makaimura Online (Ghosts n' Goblins Online) will be coming to Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube and PC. The game is developed on Zona Inc's Terazona network system and Criterion Software's Renderware 3D engine. More...
  12. jvolel

    Neo Conker and Trinity berry for unreal torny 2k3

    I was wondering if anyone wants to help me recreate those two as models for unreal torny2k3, as well as a map or two. :)
  13. jvolel

    See what happens when you Procrastinate

    Boy his he going to be surprised when he gets in..... must of been right before conker went in hehe :n64: ... either that or this is gregg's bad errrr skull day.....
  14. jvolel

    Naked pics of my large breasted girlfriend

    Haha made ya look err read.......:emutalk: ............ what? you still here? :plain: /me wonders how many people are going to actually look into this thread and bother to respond crap almost of got the raz :P
  15. jvolel

    If you like diablo II you just might love this

    FInally (had to edit this) a game with what i had i mind for an RPG lol finally a company that knows whats fun, combing good ol twitch play with diablo rpg elements, this game sounds very very promising am looking for the demo right now. Its going to...
  16. jvolel

    Enix + square = The begining of the golden age of rpgs!!,10870,2898632,00.html enix whom made some good games in the past and present only ones i remember by head was terranigma, were even zelda got some of its ideas from, (such as that boss fight with those...
  17. jvolel

    Will this be stupid or good? you tell me :plain: (i would say what game it is but that might ruin the surprise ;)
  18. jvolel

    What happend to the support thread for the arcade?.. well anyway

    IF possible add this game in!!! bonus stages found in Midway's classic beer-pouring sim, Tapper i was looking for the name of that game for the longest now if i can just find the site......
  19. jvolel

    Ha nintendo's no fool

    check this little tid bit out about the deal with rare (you every thing is old newz freaks probably already know this lol) then again ms might make double that amount of money :plain: :blush:
  20. jvolel

    Where are you posting from right now?

    Me am posting from my telecommunications class, at shcool ,in NY USa its 2pm right now