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  1. Felipe

    About the brazilian portuguese translation in PJ64

    i did a bad job years ago on that file :plain: now i made months ago a better translation of it (professional job ;) ) and i want to share with those who had to see that garbage, sorry about that. :| i cant attach files in emulation64 so i'll give the link to my virtual drive where you can...
  2. Felipe


    strange this wasnt in main page,this emulator of cps1,cps2,neo geo,etc,etc,had a big update
  3. Felipe

    Final Burn Evolution 3.03

    new version of this emulator of Cps1,cps2,neo geo,etc. Changes: Final Burn Evolution 3.03 What is new on FB Evo? >>> Neo-Geo <<< ==> Over clocked some games from 12MHz to 18Mhz (take a look at the list of games at SNK-NeoFighters) ==> All sets updated ==> Added an option to dump the...
  4. Felipe

    About Mupen and other things

    i am curious about what will be the focus of mupen now:compatibility?speed?cheats?bug fixing?and the other things that i recognize that has nothing to do with mupen is:since u are from ultrahle team do u know if there will be an update?if the source code will be released to people play with it?
  5. Felipe

    Ultrahle 2064's site

    there is no site anymore? What happened?
  6. Felipe

    Gens plus the author is looking for translators to emu,so if u r interested download the file in the site.
  7. Felipe

    Resident Evil 2

    works well on Mupen?
  8. Felipe

    Automobili Lamborghini

    Automobili Lamborghini is slow on Mupen,I tried it on Ultrahle 2064 (where it has problems too) and it was too fast,i tried both with Jabo 1.5.1 since Rice doenst work here.(It has a really minor bug where the letters that are displayed in the beggining of the game are not well).
  9. Felipe

    What is the Sampling Rate of Mupen?

    22 Khz or 44 khz? because the sound here looks a little bad.
  10. Felipe

    To Hacktarux:about load state

    I asked u some time ago about why load state it took more than 20 seconds n u said it was a combination of computer and another thing i dont remember.You said that didnt know what it was,now i ask(sorry if u dont like the question,u can tell me) u know now what it caused that?
  11. Felipe

    What is the address of mupen's site?

  12. Felipe

    What will be the name of Ultrahle 2064 now?

    Now that author of Ultrahle is asking of change the name of emu,what will be the name now?
  13. Felipe

    Load State

    the load state here in my computer is slow,once i did load state in mario 64 n it took (more or less) 20 seconds,in another try it took(more or less) 24 seconds,this is a question of mupen or the problem is in my computer?
  14. Felipe

    Mupen64 doesnt save sound options

    why this happen?
  15. Felipe

    Strange Msg

    why always it shows a msg saying: "No plugins found at all" when all of them r in their places?
  16. Felipe

    Where is Ultrahle Team?

  17. Felipe

    Who do what?

    who do what in ultrahle 2064?what dominator does?Trotterwatch?Quvack?what everyone do?i'm curious about it
  18. Felipe


    do u intend to make translation of ultrahle?I'd like to translate it to brazilian portuguese