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  1. GarulfoLinux

    [Glide64] There are several errors

    Howdy, When i'm using Glide64 plugin, i met a problem annoying enough. Check out : Someone know how to fix this bug ? GarulfoUnix.
  2. GarulfoLinux

    Converting from Mupen's save to Project's save?

    Hello everybody, I would like to know if it's possible to convert a Mupen64's save to Project64's save. Because a friend want my save one of my game but i play with Mupen64 on Linux and my friend play with Project64 (on Windows of course). Thanks for your answers. GarulfoUnix.
  3. GarulfoLinux

    Limit FPS in game

    Hi everybody! Someone know how to limit FPS ? Because with SMBM, the game is running too fast ! :D For information, Luigi Mansion, Zelda: The wind Waker & Super Mario Sunshine works perfectly with a playable speed. Good Job Dolphin's team!
  4. GarulfoLinux

    Why GCube is so fast ?

    Hello everybody! I was wondering why the gcube emulator is so fast in relation to Dolphin ? GarulfoUnix.
  5. GarulfoLinux

    Jabo's direct3D plugin works on Linux.

    Hello everybody, i'm just posting for Linux users that with the last version of Wine, Jabo's Direct3D plugins works with Project64 :) . So, now you can use jabo's plugin instead of glN64 plugin. Enjoy! GarulfoUnix.
  6. GarulfoLinux

    Project64 1.6 runs on Linux.

    Hello everybody, I wanted to try Project64 1.6 running with Wine and first, Project64 crashed. In fact, it was Jabo's Direct3D plugin that doesn't works. I downloaded glN64 plugin (for windows, so *.dll) and i tried again and there, my rom worked. I didn't try with another graphic plugin but...
  7. GarulfoLinux

    No sound with the Hacktarux's plugin

    Hi everybody! I'm on Gentoo and i notice that the sound plugin of Hacktarux (Mupen64 audio plugin) doesn't work on my system. However, the JttL's SDL plugin works! I ran Mupen64 in my terminal and there the output : error opening /dev/dsp error resetting sound card error setting fragment size...
  8. GarulfoLinux

    Dolphin strictly for Windows ?

    Hi everybody :) , i want know weither dolphin is available purely for Windows or there is a linux version. Thanks to answers.
  9. GarulfoLinux

    Mupen64 crashes on FreeBSD with version 5.0

    Hi everybody, I use FreeBSD and i patched the sources code of Mupen64 with the patch that Sri Narayan gave. Mupen64 works but crashes randomly. The output in terminal gives : Glide3x warning : Fragment info ------------- Internal error: assembly compile error for fragment shader at offset...
  10. GarulfoLinux

    Mupen64, no graphics plugins detected with GNU/Linux Debian

    hi to all, I've get Sidux distribution (based on GNU/Linux 4.0 -> but on it, i've not graphics plugins with mupen64 ! And so, i cannot play :( Where is the problem ? someone has already met the same problem ?
  11. GarulfoLinux

    Get source code of glN64 plugin

    hi :) . Where download the source code of glN64 plugin ? Since the project is stopped, i'll be available for resume the development this plugin. Else, you know where to find another gfx plugin for Mupen64 (linux version) ?
  12. GarulfoLinux

    UltraHLE on Linux !!! :D

    hi all, In fact, I come to announce a good news, UltraHLE works on Linux! :bouncy: :linux: How UltraHLE works on Linux ? For the Linux users, get Wine and download UltraHLE 2064 and entry in your terminal : wine UltraHLE.exe Choice for graphics plugin => ultra hle gfx plugin and...
  13. GarulfoLinux

    Sources code of Fake64

    hi :linux: the link for the official web page for Fake64 is dead. Where find the source code of Fake64 please ?