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  1. Seta-San

    In case you are thinking

    I've heard alot of people, many in the world out side of the net (and many in the net),say that the people in the inner workings of the emulation scene that Lemmy has been releasing many betas and the such, yes a couple of my friends think so. Here is something from the official Nemu IRC chat...
  2. Seta-San

    my first whitty comment in a long while

    <Joat> I keep stroking the middle button <Seta-San> that's not all you stroke
  3. Seta-San

    Anyone want a translator?

    <jamethiel> It was encrypted by running through an automatic english->german translator written by a spanish team, and then passed through a german->english translator written by a japanese team. The output was sufficiently unrecognizable for our purposes.
  4. Seta-San

    2 Years Next Saturday

    Because I'm going to be gone Saturday i'm going to wish NEmu a Happy Last Release anniverseryn
  5. Seta-San


    Has there been much development here in DreamCast Emulation?
  6. Seta-San

    Clear Out

    This message board will be on it's way down real quick soon. Time for anyone complaining about games not working should leave. There are no more updates no one to help you. If you do have a real problem such as getting PJ64 working please feel free to post.:pj64:
  7. Seta-San

    Take out the Beta talk

    Beta is done. PJ64 is out. It's dead...... Should get alot of lameness out of here with that news. Project 64 Forever :pj64:
  8. Seta-San


    Maybe we should link this board to the official one on
  9. Seta-San

    I have first post

  10. Seta-San

    I'm registered

    I'm sure all of you are happy for me! :/