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  1. bodie

    Nvidia just released Detonator 40.71

    still in beta stage though ..
  2. bodie

    anyone feel that earthquake(UK)

    just happened here ,i haven't seen my computer screen wobble like that since the last time i had 7 cans of stella :) .. i told my wife it was the aftershocks of our lovemaking .. nah! she doesn't buy it neither bodie
  3. bodie

    pc dvd unlocking now available

    a program now available by the name of dvd region-free can allow you to watch any region film upto as many times as you like with a complete macrovision disable need to flash your drives as this is not needed now ..and no more need for region killer or dvd genie .. go get it now because it...
  4. bodie

    A 'sometimes' problem

    A strange 'sometimes' problem that occurs after shutting the emulator down more than a few times in a heavy comp session.. I have had this happen a few times..after starting pj64 up again for another session i get a can't initialize d3d device(or words to that effect) and after looking in the...
  5. bodie

    congrats pj64 team

    surprised me with this one ,simple update i thought.bah! nothing short of stunning ..pretty much as near to perfect as we are likely to get ..and jabos! just about everything looking great ,menus in ready2rumble perfect, the fog in zelda mom looking f***ing ace ..res evil 2,yoshi...