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  1. Ex0skelet0r

    GUI for Selfboot

    ExoBoot Exoskeletor GUI for Selfboot Create selfbootable games for your Dreamcast I have create a GUI for selfboot by franxis. download it here: (if someone has better server please upload it :) ) It is in a self...
  2. Ex0skelet0r

    === CHANkAST Wrapper 2.0 ===

    Chankast 2.0a is out so I updated the wrapper accordingly. Also I added every single option to the wrapper, allowing you to save settings for each game, overclock/underclock the cpu automatically, full screen and various other ==>>...
  3. Ex0skelet0r

    Chankast Compatibility

    i was wondering.. does this emulator will ever be perfect?im not talking for the speed. (as i have read from other posts mmu cant be emulate games we will not be able to play them?)
  4. Ex0skelet0r

    Chankast bug list and features not supported yet.

    I think it would be nice if we have a list with all the bugs of the chankast in order to know what is left to be done. 1. MMU support 2. Command line support 4. A lot of games that are not bootable yet 5. Non-bootable games support 5. Netplay support 6. More settings on the menu (example:no...
  5. Ex0skelet0r

    New tutorials added on

    I can't understand why there is a link to download the bios (???) in the english tutorial....
  6. Ex0skelet0r

    Change Dreamcast Bios From Pal/span To Ntsc/eng!

    How to Change the Region of the Dreamcast Bios As we all know, the most used bios for Chankast that was released is a PAL/(Span)ish BIOS. Many people have said it is the only annoying thing with Chankast since most people including us were not able to find a NTSC/(Eng)lish BIOS or we couldn't...
  7. Ex0skelet0r

    TUTORIAL: How to make your homebrew games bootable

    Notice that you can first try my program ExoBoot. It will helps you a lot for making selfbootable games If this doesn't helps you then: STEP 1: If you have aspi drivers installed on your pc continue to step 2 If you dont have aspi drivers download...