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  1. masdaman

    Tristar 64 and Wide-boy 64 roms support in Project64 1.6 please

    Hi, please include support for 'Tristar 64' and 'Wide-boy 64' roms on Project64 1.6 to play NES, SNES, Gameboy and Gameboy color games (I think of simmilar support to the ones that 'bsnes 0.70' emulator has for 'Super game boy' and 'Super game boy 2'). Thanks,
  2. masdaman

    mupen64 0.4 on BeOS 5 - doesn't starts...

    Hi, I'm using BeOS 5 PE Max edition v4b1 on my Celeron 2.93GHz single core PC. I installed mupen64 0.4 and I tried to start it but it doesn't starts. It shows a error message: missing library: 1.1.4. I have SDL 1.2.7 installed. I found zlib-1.1.4.pkg for BeOS and installed it, also I...