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  1. ggab

    Feedback for Vince's SuperMario64-HQ

    i'm posting this as Vince himself wants :P Vince wrote Many of you might have seen this on EmuXHaven but I'm not getting as much feedback as I wanted. So I thought I would put it here, hoping I will get more comments. Alright I thought I would share this as I get a little done for some...
  2. ggab

    Feedback to MasterPhW - Texture Projects' Thread

    hi, here, we can comment all about the MasterPhW's Sticky Thread: ALL Texture Projects for all Games ... organized and mirrored PS: please guys, make your posts HERE, so, we can keep clean the original (and great :) ) sticky thread so, let's start! :party:
  3. ggab

    1964's fault? my pc hangs when i'm playing in fullscreen with glide64 + voodoo4

    weird, but real. i guess noone has that behaviour, thanks to the wrapper.... but i need somebody with a voodoo card to get feedback :bouncy: ok, let's go to describe the crash. 0) winXPsp2, v4 + Amigamerlin 3.1 R11 drivers set (glide3x, the latest one, v3.10.0.40404, October, the 4th...
  4. ggab

    Viewsonic E70f+SB or G75f+B ???

    the E70f+SB is 40 dolars cheaper... anyone who has these CRT monitors?? G75f+B advantages are ONLY ? (#) max. resolution: 1600*1200 (#) better overall Horizontal Refresh (e.g. in 1024*768 it has 105hz Vs. 87hz in the E70f+SB's model)...
  5. ggab

    A better Glide64's home page: WebMaster Wanted :)

    Current GLide64's Home Page: here it is what Gonetz posted on this Emuxhaven's (glide64's sub-forum) thread : So, we need your help ;) A new (classic) layout will be great, with frames (at the left, the button's links) and each section's HTM files, loads on the...
  6. ggab

    Consoles' Destruction Test! (GAMECUBE, PS2 & XBOX)

    incredible! you must watch it! The result is impressive XDD. and who will be the winner??? :D TORRENT link:
  7. ggab

    Glide64 WIP status update :)

    no more words: RESIDENT EVIL 2 in a great WIP status :D
  8. ggab

    DDR400 on a Mobo supporting DDR266

    I have a mobo which supports DDR266 (Asus A7V266-C with VIA KT266A). can i get a ddr400 stick and use it on it? wont it just run at DDR266 (133mhz x 2) but with better timings taken from the SPD?? Or will it not boot at all? from a specteck's pdf> ddr266 & ddr333 VDD = +2.5V ±0.2V, VDDQ...
  9. ggab

    Glide64 ME SP8 Released

    Download Glide64 ME SP8 here: Nice release! :icecream: Keep up the excelent work :party:
  10. ggab

    Glide64 SP5 is out

    good news, isn't it? COOOOOOOOOL ;) u rock as usual ! :p [i]posted by emuxhaven:[i] Download it from the Glide64 Site !!
  11. ggab

    Glide64 SP4 is out

    Glide64 V0.7 Me Service Pack 4 Out! Well another month, another great new release of the greatest Glide plugin Glide64!! Here's whats new : -Fixed Super Smash Bros, broken in service pack 1. -Fixed random freezes in Perfect Dark. -Fixed fields in International Superstar Soccer 2000. -Fixed...
  12. ggab

    Glide64 0.7 ME SP2 released

    from quote: Originally posted by emuxhaven Well you read the topic right guys! This is it, Gonetz has released another great update of this great plugin!! So what are you waiting for head out to the Glide64 Site and grab it !! Here's...
  13. ggab

    Forgotten leaves VBA

    just from « May 26, 2004 » Posted by: Kirby at 6:46 pm CET Some sad news to bring to all the members of NGemu: Forgotten is leaving the VisualBoyAdvance project. VisualBoyAdvance will still be updated, thanks to a promising new coder called Kxu. Here is Forgotten's last public...
  14. ggab

    Known bugs & issues in 0.99

    my intention: in this topic, you can post in a cleaner way, all the replies already posted (or not yet) in other forum topics. For example: For Ogre Battle 64, in 0.99 backgrounds are there, but sprites are missing (0.99 has JPEG decoding problem with this game). But in a v1.00 beta, i think...
  15. ggab

    New Glide64 v0.7 "Miracle Edition"!

    <P><B>April, Sunday 4, 2004 - Glide64 "Miracle Edition"! </B><BR> New version of Glide64 is released after 6 month of hard work. I have implemented tons of new features and improvements. Some of these features are long awaited, some were not even expected to be supported by...
  16. ggab

    glide3x bug? in 1964/PJ64 emu + glide64 +winXP

    a rare glide3x bug? in glide64, winXP & voodoo3 the first time u run the emu (0.99) and load a game with glide64 v0.5 video plugin, the screen has some artifact bugs: glide3x from amigasport3 and others glide3x i try, all the some bug, and only in XP happens, not in 9x. Also i tried with the...
  17. ggab

    good news to voodoo's funs: Rice 531 works!

    well, with mesa opengl library it's posible to run games in openGL with rice 5.3.1, these are the steps: 1- download a compiled library (official page from this url: its 944kb. (thanks to Diego Borca for compiling, one of the...
  18. ggab

    Pokemon Puzzle League USA core bug?

    In 1Pmode, before the stage 14 begin the game crash, it says in a window message: Error! 800A2564: Exception in emulation thread. But this error/bug can be fixed in varius/some combinations of settings (plugins and Compiler Switch) (but aren't the best solution, in performance and speed), i'll...
  19. ggab

    Zelda OOT new? core bug only in PJ64.

    this is the bug, i've found. the emulator that only happend is in PJ64 1.5 with/without the new RDB/RDC and cheat file. the video plugin: all jabo and glide64 the sound plugin: all, i don't think that is the problem. also to input plugin. well i'll attach the save SRA file and also the images...