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    Project Page: Project Name: NanoBoyAdvance Hello, I've just released version 1.2 of my Game Boy Advance emulator (this is the second official release). The emulator has been around for a few years but only recently I felt comfortable actually...
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    "Package containing 100 SNES PAL games lost or stolen"

    Hey Emutalk members, byuu, known for the higan emulator and his SNES preservation project is in urgent need of help right now because a package of 100 SNES PAL games that were lend to him went missing on the way from Germany to the USA. It's apparently stuck in Jersey City. The USPS don't seem...
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    Gameboy Advance

    Hello I thought it would be useful to open a thread for information exchange about programme gameboy advance emulators. And there I go with my first question :D I'm currently writing the function that decodes thumb instructions. Currently I have to approaches for executing and decoding those...