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  1. Hacktarux

    Wow Time Flies!

    Still alive as well ! And I've been neuralized by gent to work again on N64 emulation :-O
  2. Hacktarux

    Happy new year 2021 !

    Happy new year to everyone still visiting these forums. I hope we'll see some exciting emulation news and we can get out of this pandemic situation !
  3. Hacktarux

    Near (aka byuu) has passed away

    We learned a sad news this week, Near is the author of bsnes, higan, ares, libco and is at the origin of retroarch among other things . I won't write a lengthy message, this is simply the emutalk thread where...
  4. Hacktarux

    Falling in love with C++11

    Did you already discovered all the nice new features of this new standard ? I know i could not go back to previous compiler when i replaced: boost::shared_ptr< std::map< std::string < std::map< std::string, std::string > > > >::iterator it = mymap->find("astring"); with auto it =...
  5. Hacktarux

    On the road of accuracy

    What a great feeling to see this place living again! A few weeks ago, i was missing n64 development for the first time since years and started a new project, i don't know if this new project will be usable as it is strongly focused on accuracy but at least it is fun to do and it may interest...
  6. Hacktarux

    Avi recording on vista

    I didn't have time to check if any of you mupen64plus have looked at this problem, but it seems avi recording doesn't work on vista: it records black video. Here's a workaround that has been found by a user: Some notes if anyone is interested in fixing this bug: - before using this workaround...
  7. Hacktarux

    Rice Video 6.1.0 plugin source code for linux

    Here it is, i've finally fixed what i wanted before posting this source code.
  8. Hacktarux

    Mario kart DS

    Why are mario kart games always so addicting ? I just got the DS version and can't stop playing it. The wifi option is wonderful. Do you remember saying to your friends something like : "One last race and i go back at home otherwise i'll spend the whole night there". Well, it looks like nintendo...
  9. Hacktarux

    mupen64 0.5 for OSX released

    Yup, lamer0 finally found some time to release it, you can donwload it from The binary is compatible with both powerpc and intel OSX.
  10. Hacktarux

    Mupen64 0.5 source code

    Here, you can download the source code of mupen64 0.4 and all the plugins included in its binary package. Many plugins source code have been integrated directly into mupen64's source code. It should be easier for users who want to compile everything. The core source code...
  11. Hacktarux

    Mupen64 0.5 Released

    Mupen64 0.5 Released (update: Mupen64 0.5.1 for windows) I've finally released the linux and windows versions of mupen64 0.5. You can grab it there : Post feedback in this thread :) Update: i've released a quick bug fix release, framebuffer effects should work...
  12. Hacktarux

    Gtk 1.2 or Gtk 2 for binaries ?

    I'm thinking about switching mupen64 to gtk 2. As you may know, all the plugins must also use gtk 2, that's why i have not done the conversion earlier. The advantages of gtk 1.2 are: all systems had it until now. (Is it always true now ?) It's compatible with all available plugins that has been...
  13. Hacktarux

    rice's hires textures on linux

    While porting some new plugins for the next mupen64 release, i've got the hires textures feature working on rice's plugin. I never tested it on windows before, that's a cool feature actually. Great work rice and everyone involved in the different hires texture projects.
  14. Hacktarux

    Network question

    I have 3 machines A, B, C. A is connected to the internet and is using windows XP. It's sharing its internet connection with the standard win XP tools (it means it's using IP and others computers should use DHCP to use this internet connection). B has two network cards : the first...
  15. Hacktarux

    System administration and GPL

    I have to write a paper about the pros and cons of using a GPL software in the point of view of a system administrator. I'm currently trying to have as many ideas as possible but as i'm progressing into my work, it seems harder than i though. It's especially hard to find cons. So i though i...
  16. Hacktarux

    A new version of the original true reality for unix ?

    Yea, it seems that a new version has been released last month... That's not a very advanced emulator but i'm surprised it's still being developped ! Link to the new site on source forge :
  17. Hacktarux

    Texture perspective correction

    I'm trying to figure out how to implement texture perspective correction in a software renderer. Anyone can explain me how is it supposed to work ?
  18. Hacktarux

    Mupen64 0.4 source code

    Here, you can download the source code of mupen64 0.4 and all the plugins included in its binary package. Some plugins were already published but i've updated the source code to compile on my system. The core source code: RSP...
  19. Hacktarux

    Mupen64 0.4 feedback thread

    It's released, it can be downloaded at and this thread only exist to wait for your feedback :)
  20. Hacktarux

    emuhq : a site from another time

    This site basically introduced me into emulation back in 1998 if i remember right. It was down for quite some time and now it's back with its old design to revive memories :P How many of you remember those two sites ? ;)