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  1. Mik35150

    Texture dumping tutorial PJ64 1.6

    Texture dumping tutorial PJ64 1.6:
  2. Mik35150

    Majora's Mask Redux

    Majora's Mask Redux This project is still very early im actually looking for contributors just PM me if interested. Note: Current version is for rice video plugin, next update will be switching to Glide64 format. Below is each section of the game the game that will be modified, as well as...
  3. Mik35150

    Super Mario 64 HD

    Super Mario 64 HD (the title was changed from 3d to HD some textures still need to be updated) I've been working on this project for a while i would say it's about 30-40 percent finished. ***New update compatible with Pj 64 2.1*** Latest Update:
  4. Mik35150

    Glide64 Texture scale question?

    I just started using Pj64 2.0 and glide64 for re-texturing.( was using pj641.6 and rice video before.) I usually increase the texture resolution by 4x that was the highest rice seemed to support. Can glide64 load higher resolution textures like maybe 6x or 8x???