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  1. Sk8nspartan90

    Vista HP 64 or XP Pro 64

    Which one is better for me to use? XP 64 or Vista HP 64? I am going to be mainly using this for dolphin
  2. Sk8nspartan90

    Iso Image writing Software

    yeah I am looking for a cd/dvd burning software that can burn iso images to cd's because I did it with some free program that came with my gateway pc but I don't remember the name of it and I can't figure out how to burn the iso to a disk in the right way I reinstaled vista but it didn't install...
  3. Sk8nspartan90

    Dual Booting Vista 32 and XP 64

    Well my laptop came with vista 32 bit and I have a 64 x2 procesor so I thought I would download the evaluation copy (free trial) of windows xp 64... I did that, burned the iso, and created a 20gb partition for xp... so I had three partitions: c: Windows Vista d: some restore drive taht I can't...